What Goes Around Jobs Around

There is nothing better in life than watching someone get what they deserve.
That is why we have an extra hop in our step this morning.
Yes, that's right.  Look who's in some trouble.
Our old friend from the Hill.
State Rep. Jake Wheatley.
Seems like Mr. Wheatley got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
The story comes from Andy Sheehan of KDKA.
Looks like Big Poppa Joke used his staff for something he wasn't supposed to.
Two things about this:
1. Why does Jake Wheatley have a staff?
2. And when you see Andy Sheehan lurking around, you know you're screwed.


What a pic.
If you're new here, or forgot, let's revisit the Wheatley saga.
We first met Captain JackBag back in Decemeber '06 in THIS POST.  His refusal to even entertain the thoughts of having a "FREE" Arena built in the Hill District was maddening.  He said the Penguins had not reached out to the Hill.
So what happened?
The Pens and Isle Of Capri reached out to the Hill.

"The Isle of Capri is using this as nothing more than a smoke-screen, a facade," said Mr. Wheatley"I see this as another sign of being disrespectful of the Hill and as another slap in the face of Hill residents," said Mr. Wheatley.

And this just kept happening.
The Pens didn't get the license.  Wheatley kept mouthing off.
Pens got a new arena, Wheatley kept mouthing off.
Now Andy Sheehan is going to end his career.
Good times.
Two politcal stories before even talking about the Pens.  Woo.
We had to mention this one, though, because it is impossible to fathom.
Luke Ravenstahl used a $252,000 state grant to buy 250 trash cans with his name on it along with the phrase "Taking Care Of Business." [TRIB]
Not impressed.
Just think about that what else Mayor Ravenjoke could have done with that.
And just when you thought Shero was the only guy in Pittsburgh paying for trash:
Finally, time to take care of business.  every day.  every way.
Never mind.  There's nothing to talk about.
We're confused.  Does Wilkes Barre even have a coach?
We e-mailed our friend JB from the WBInsider, and he told us that Todd Reirden is running practice, but he is still considered the assistant.  The Baby Pens don't play until Friday, so no real rush.  Should be something coming out today about it.
Our BFF MELROSE ROCKS brought this site up on Twitter today.
Our lives may never be the same again.
A site that is built to track all the insane rumors Eklund comes up with.
Not that we need to even acknowledge it, but in response to Eklund's claim that a Malkin/Kovalchuk trade could happen, we give you the facts from Hockybuzzhogwash.com.
That is good work right there.
On a side note, we have to give a credit to Hockey Buzz's resident Penguins blogger, BRIAN METZER.
Solid daily read.
Montreal is in disaster mode.
First, they have benched Kovy. [FOURHABSFANS]
And now there is news that they may be partying too much.
Are there more cigarettes than people in this pic?
Is that Jarome Iginla in the back?
Quick: Name the second-most popular TPB on the internet.
Yeah, The Pirate Bay.  Interesting shit going down with them.  They're being sued by every major media company in Hollywood basically.  They operate their site out of Sweden, so that's where the trial is taking place.
For those not familiar with TPB, it is a BitTorrent search engine.  If you don't have the slightest clue what BitTorrent is, go to Wikipedia.  Media companies are suing them for "providing the means necessary for people to illegally trade copyrighted content."  As the cornerstone of their defense, they are posing the question of why car companies aren't sued when someone drives over the speed limit and gets into an accident.
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