We’re Hours Away


Another gem from Benstonium.
Going to the game tonight?
Sitting on the lawn?
Want a shirt?

Hit the jump.




We're giving away two of each shirt
How can you get one?


Print off the "Bring It" sign above and take it to the game tonight.
If you're watching in the arena, take it there.
If you're watching from the lawn, take it there.
If you're watching from a bar or a friend's house, take it there.
If you're sitting at home on the couch, take it there too!


Wherever you are, take a picture of the sign and send it to us.

We'll post a bunch of the pictures here and choose four people to give shirts to.
Send your pics in before tomorrow night's game against the Islanders.


Speaking of tomorrow night's game against the Islanders, apparently the game isn't sold out.

The NYC Pittsburgh Penguins Meetup Group is going to the game.
Our friends at PSAMP sent us this note:

"We've got about 105 Pens fans going to the Coliseum in like one big section on Saturday. We're gonna be getting rowdy, and drowning out the home fans with Lets Go Pens chants. Trying to get the word out so everyone watching knows whats going on. We're gonna do Pens fans proud on Saturday."

Go Pens.