We’d Punch Our Own Grandma Over 20 Cents.

Have to these days.
Imagine living during the great depression. You'd have to kill your entire family over a happy meal.
Patrick Kane teabagged some old guy in a taxi in buffalo.[Second City]
He got arrested and everyone is all worked up about it. Great points made by the Second City at that link on why it is not a big deal.
All we are mad about it is that no one made this photoshop.

[Mirtle] has a shot of the old guy he punched.
There has to be more to the story. This guy was probaby pissed off he missed a Columbo marathon and thought he was Archie Bunker or something.

Whatev, we're really looking forward to using this pic in a Blackhawks recap. Hopefully someone brings a poster of this guy to the Mellon when the Blackhawks play the champs.
Go Pens