We Are All Woooooo


Countdown to the Pens first preseason game:



Pens Universe has its preseason power rankings up.


The Penguins rank first with Pens Universe, Yahoo and SI.
They rank third in the East at The Hockey News, but its list is a regular season prediction, and not a power ranking.


"This is a straight hockey decision. I have nothing against the fans of Ottawa, or the city of Ottawa. I would like the opportunity to go somewhere where I can play to the best of my capabilities and be the player that I can be."

"I have a contract, and if I'm still a Senator at training camp time, I'll be ready to go. But at the same time, I think we know that there are other teams out there that are interested, and hopefully something can get done."

Remember when the Ottawa Senators made the Stanley Cup Final?
2007 has never seemed so far away.






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