Warning: Capitals Officials Putting Fake Tickets On Internet?

Is Ted behind this?
Oh, let the games begin.
Got this e-mail from someone claiming to be an anonymous source
inside the Capitals organization:
"High ups" in the Caps office are actually snagging up tix on Craig's List/Stub Hub so that fans from Pittsburgh can't get them. You can't make this up. Apparently, they also read different blogs (including this one) to learn just how many rival fans are coming and figure out how they can prevent it from happening.

Also, one thing to look out for: A LOT of the tix on Craig's List are actually fake (according to Caps front office).

If you've been on the Internet for more than a week,
you know what looks shady, and what doesn't.
After completing a search of Washington's Craiglist for tickets of Caps-Pens tickets,
we have found that in last 24 hours there has been over 70 listings for tickets.
In comparsion, searches in Pittsburgh reveal about 60 listings for tickets,
but that has been since Monday.
We went on to Craigslist to look at some of these listings.
So thank God we aren't playing Boston this round.
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Oh shit. Sorry, that was Charlie's search. Wow.
What is this guy doing?  Who sits next to a bush?
You'd have to think there is no way the Caps front office
is buying tickets off of Craigslist and/or putting up fake ads.
But when it comes to Penguins/Capitals,
it is no secret the Capitals will go to great lengths to job.
This is the same team that blocks the "412" Pittsburgh area code in an attempt to turn Pens fans away.
A few shady ads:
8 tickets to a game? Seems a little off.
We understand some people sell tickets independently for brokers.
But this was one was just bizarre.
This looks fine, but anytime someone wants to meet you in Chinatown,
you have to raise a red flag.
No offense, China Jack.
Now, this is where it gets strange.
Take a look at these two listings:
The above listing is real, and he is a Pens fan.
The phrase in both of these : "My loss is your gain."  Smells like a fish. Ted Leonsis still smells though.
Obviously, this story doesn't hold a lot of weight. Just be careful.
The Caps front office is looking at every option possible
to figure out how Penguin fans are getting tickets.
Too bad they don't know how we're really getting them.
Whatever the case, if you are looking for tickets, stay away from Craigslist unless you have proof.
As Pierre McGuire would say, Craigslist lacks courage.
If you're a Pens fan down there and your ad is on Craigslist, let us know so in case questions begin to arise, we can clear it up.
Speaking of Pierre McGuire.
If you are willing to fork over $40 bucks, you can eliminate his voice.
We finally broke down and bought a SportsSync radio. [LINK]
People in C-Blog were talking about this thing, and we got some e-mails about it.
You can hook the radio up to your stereo.
It fixes the delay up to eight seconds. So that means it is Mike Lange city on Saturday.
Facebook fail:
And then there is this from [ESPN.com]
Go Pens