Waiting For The World To Change

It's Monday.
After that Game 5 in Pittsburgh and the first period of Game 6,
it looked like a pretty good possibility that we would be seeing a Game 7 tonight.
Speaking of which, we still don't know what the deal was
with that Game 5 crowd in Pittsburgh.
While we don't have to live through a Game 7,
we will get to watch a couple on Tuesday.
Another good thing is we don't have to deal with Pierre Mcguire for a few days.
If you watched the Caps/Rangers game,
you probably realized how much he ruins broadcasts.
We checked and and saw that we posted this YouTube last year,
but we have no memories of what we post in the playoffs.
1:45 minute of the video.
Your life will change again.
Thanks to Yogin city for the tip.
If this was a Ranger blog or if we had some weird infatuation with AO,
we would have talked more about this series.
In Game 5 at Washington, Ranger coach John Tortorella threw a water bottle and hit some woman.


He was suspended for Game 6 back in New York, which the Caps won.
Setting the stage for a Game 7 in Washington.
Through all of this, Rangers GM Glen Sather sent a letter to the NHL, informing them of the negligence of the security team at the Verizon Center in Washington, as well as the fact that the Rangers had informed the Verizon's security earlier in Game 5 and the security personnel did nothing to rectify the problem.
Basically, a Caps fan said that Rangers players Dan Girardi and Marc Staal
are partners in a homosexual relationship.
And Tortorella didn't like it and threw a water bottle.
Somone had also poured a beer on Torts.
The NHL has responded, saying Game 7's always pique the security department's attention.
Capitals fans are idiots.
Two of this series' 6 games have gone to overtime.
One was decided with 0.2 seconds on the clock.

This has been the best series of the first round by far.
Hopefully, that's the one Versus shows on Tuesday in the Pittsburgh market.
We would even settle for a CBS March Madness-esque night
where they switch back and forth when someone gets a power play or something.
We'll probably just get Keith Jones touching himself.
The Pens' second-round opponent obviously hinges on the outcomes of these games.
If the Rangers win, the Pens play the Devils or Canes.  Case closed.
If the Caps win and Canes win, the Pens play Washington.
If the Caps and Devils win, we're headed to Bean Town.
It is impossible for the Pens to play the Rangers.
As weird as this sounds, the last team we want to see
in the second round is the Carolina Hurricanes.
Playing in Carolina has been rough for as long as we can remember.
Plus, they have the best goaltender in the East, hands down.
It's just a dangerous situation.
But it might be right up Charlie's alley:

h/t to everyone who sent it in.
Someone got the screen cap for those people who don't have YouTube at work:
Boston has earned the mystique and respect surrounding a number-one seed.
They had a sick season.  They rolled over the Canadiens four games to none.
They are probably the only remaining team in the East
that is most comparable to the Penguins, up and down the roster.
They have more than a couple of proven goal scorers.
It would be an unreal series.
Plus it would pit us against Jack Edwards and his haircut.
The Devils.
Marty Brodeur in Mellon Arena.
This isn't the 2001 playoffs.
If the Pens could get out of New Jersey with a split to start the series, they would be golden.
From our personal, blogger's standpoint, we'd rather wait to play Washington.
They have a huge Internet presence.
We don't feel like dealing with AO/Crosby comparisons, bashing, gay songs, etc.
The level of stupidity of most Capital fans eats your soul.
We probably wouldn't even run the blog for that series.
From a Penguin fan's perspective, we'll take Washington anytime, anywhere.
Let us know when A.O. scores a meaningful playoff goal.
From an NHL fan/NHL executive's standpoint,
we'd love to see a Washington/Pittsburgh Eastern Conference Final.
From a Caps fan's perspective, they still have to win a Game 7.
From an NBC perspective, NBC is a joke.
Rob Rossi has his guns blazing at the TRIB.
Go check out all of his stuff.
But his bid for the journalist equivalent of a perfect game went out the window:
Regarding Carcillo fight: "Talbot ended up with a black eye to show for his effort — but that exchange of fists was praised by several Penguins players for sparking a rally from a three-goal deficit."
— Rob "The Rhymer" Rossi
Didn't Talbot have a black eye as early as Game 4?
The burden of evidence lies with the prosecution.
All we can find is a pic from Game Five:
Left Black Eye City.
Whatev.  We just like jobbing Rob Rossi.
If Talbot received a second black eye or had his already-present black eye accentuated,
then we owe Rob Rossi an apology, but not really.
At least Rob Rossi gets the main facts straight.
MICHAEL A-A sent this screen capture from
:: The [PG] has a great story about Malkin's parents:

"I never in my life thought that so many people would be wearing No. 71 or getting their faces painted. I never thought I would see that," Natalia Malkin said before a recent playoff game at Mellon Arena.

The must-read article of the day.
That or the "symptoms of Swine Flu" article.
What better way to cap off the Flyers series
than reviewing the most bizarre e-mail we have ever recieved.
Please note that we had zero communication with this guy prior to this e-mail.
Derek Hanson, the owner of the Bloguin Network, actually got this e-mail and forwarded it to us.
Not sure how people like this survive daily life.
We had his name (Fred Benson) and his e-mail address (FightingFitzpatricks), so we went to Google:
Courtesy of Urban Dictionary
Courtesy of somewhere.
"Start hiring James Earl Ray and David Duke
next time you make a cheap shot about Philly."
That is the most disarming insult of all time.
Don't even know what to say.
We said the Pens had lost 42 straight games in Philly:
And to wrap up the Flyers and Pens, Scott S. send a Hartnell song through:
And that's it.
Some people sent us Flyers photoshops on Sunday.
Those were good last week.

SWIGGINS sends this along:

"Went to New York City for the NFL Draft, stopped by NBC Studios to leave a little present. Hung picture at approximately 11:00am as a security guard was rounding the corner, ran like hell…checked back at 9:00pm, picture remained intact."
what a shirt

Burghability commercial starring the boys from [Kiss Fm].
Production by the unreal group at []
0:22 mark.
Definition of stunned.
Go Pens.