Wait. They Didn’t Win Stanley Cup After The Second Round?

Hopefully Bob Cole's colostomy bag bag exploded in Elliot Freidman's mouth after Montreal was run out of the Eastern Conference finals by The Matrix of Leadership.
All we were concerned with was decent hockey, and the Habs did not provide that at all.
The Flyers were completely insane.
Things you never thought you'd say back on April 14th # 31:
Mike Richards was a better captain than Sidney Crosby, and the Flyers had way more will to win the Penguins.
So just to recap whats going on here. Flyers fans are making signs that make sense, Flyer fans owned Montreal fans, and every major Pittsburgh sports media person have turned against Evgeni Malkin.
What world are we in? WHAT IS HAPPENING??
Even better. You know all those commercials during the NHL season that show the previous cup winner hoisting the cup?
We're four Flyers wins away from having to flip the channel alot next year.
And there is only one man that can save us from that…
Should be a really good finals anyway. As hockey fans, tons of reasons to watch. Chris Pronger vs Buttplug will be epic.
Go Pens