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The Steelers schedule came out.  They're finishing the season on the road.
Their last home game is on December 23rd.
The Winter Classic is January 1st.  Just sayin'.
Was first told about this video by @freakshowmikey
As a commentor on YouTube said…
It's the same reaction you had when your girlfriend dragged you to see "Twilight."
Sticking with YouTubes
one of the most viral trends is making Hitler parody videos, such as this:
You get the idea.
People just put in whatever subtitles they'd like.
But now the film company who put out this movie in 2004 wants YouTube to strip all of the videos.
Which leaves everyone on the Internet with an rare sense of emptiness.
'Cause now everyone wants to make a Hitler parody video about the situation itself.
In the Game Two recap, we said Fleury got Abdelkader'd.
But the word has been used before:

In your write-up of Game 2, you noted that Fleury was Abdelkader'd by William Regal. In the interest of further entrenching this term in the broad lexicon of the English language, I thought it would be fitting to share my own experience getting Abdelkader'd.

While watching Game 1 of the Finals last year, I went to angrily/righteously slam my fist down on my living room table in response to Abdelkader's soft goal, which effectively iced the game for Detroit. It was an emotional game for me. I was just, just, just moving past the dark, depressed, funk that I had been in since the conclusion of the Pen's first trip to the Finals the year before, and it hit a little too close to home to see the final score for Game 1 of the new series mirror that of Game 1 of the previous series. All things considered, I think my subconcious response to hit the closest surface as hard as I could was quite reasonable. What I didn't factor into the equation, however, was that there happened to be a glass of water sitting on the table surface at the exact spot that my fist was hurtling toward.

Long story short, I never made contact with the table, instead shattering the glass of water into a thousand pieces. One of these pieces, a skinny, 1 1/2 inch barb, managed to embed itself in my hand and cleanly sever two tendons in my right pinkie.

For a little graphical accompaniment to this story, check out the last bit of the main text of this blog: A word of warning before you proceed: there are some startlingly grotesque pictures of other ridiculous injuries in the upper portions of the page.

As it was Abdelkader's Game 1 goal from last year's finals that led to my unfortunate accident, I think it is now safe to say, when describing what happened to my pinkie, that I got "Abdelkader'd."

Of course, I'll have to figure out how to pronounce that first.


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Laura D.
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The Senators haven't won a home playoff game since Alanis Morissette sang the national anthem in Ottawa in 2007.
They also haven't won a home game since they put up a mural of their 2007 handshake line with the Pens at Scotiajoke Place.
Isn't it ironic?
Don't you think?
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Dick Shilling sent us this:
We have no idea.
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Only 10 bucks and only available during the playoffs.
Go Pens.