Video: Don Cherry Loses His Mind Over Matt Cooke Hit

If we were actually surprised or mad about what Don Cherry has to say, we shouldn't be running a blog anymore.
The only interesting thing from this shit show was Cherry actually said he had a run in with Cooke last year after a game in the Eastern Conference Finals.
We said what we had to say this week about the Cooke hit, so whatev.
We also thought Rob Rossi actually made sense for the first time all year:
If players aren't comfortable with the possibility of serious head injuries, if they don't like it that violence has been and will be a part of the NHL, they should consider switching professions.
Danger is part of the deal. [TRIB]
Also, there seems to be some notion that Malkin and Crosby should be afraid of the Bruins taking cheap shots at them on Thursday.
First off, Crosby and Malkin probably aren't afraid of anyone. If they were, they wouldn't be in the NHL.
Secondly, Cherry alluded to it, and it was brought up about Bill Guerin speaking up about the Cooke hit. We wouldn't be surprised if Guerin is the first player to Cooke's defense on Thursday.
Go Pens.