The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. PENS LOSE.

The Pens have lost 7-3 and 6-2 to the Leafs this season.
On Saturday night.  On Hockey Night in Canada.
The only thing worse?
Us trying to recap a game we didn't see.
A perfect storm of, well, a storm and Valentine's Day has resulted in both of us writers here missing two games straight; something that hasn't happened.
Whatever the case, we are glad we did.
Things seemed to be going well, and then, from what we gather the wheels fell off.
Even worse, Jason Blake caused it all.
Two goals in 19 seconds?

"It's up to the players," coach Michel Therrien said. "There's a price to pay to win games on the road and right now we're having a hard time staying focused and executing."

God help us all.