Until We Meet Again. PENS LOSE



Yea we know that is an "A" and it should be a "C." F off.

It's never particulary fun when the Pens lose to the Washington Capitals. You have to deal with some Capitals fans acting like its a big deal. It makes you wish the D.C. Sniper would have got a couple of extra kills.
The game lived up to the hype for the first two periods, and then things went awry in the third.
And look the Pens were missing some big time contributors. Most notably Marc-Andre Fleury and Mike Green. Yea, thats right–Mike Green not being in the game hurt the Penguins. His turnovers and piss poor defense couldn't bail the Pens out. Green forgot to play last night, but that didn't stop him from using twitter to defend himself after the tag #GreenfearsCrosby spread on the internet.






Of course we have no idea how such things got spread.


Brent Johnson played as well as he could. You can't really level the blame on him. The Capitals powerplay is insane.
As for the Caps, they are rolling. The only thing that actually scares us about them is that Mike Knuble is one playoff series away from entering the Penguin killer zone. He must be stopped before April.
Game pics and anthem from:
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The Caps gave everyone a preview of what most of the game was gonna look like.
They had the Pens bottled up in their zone for at least the first 3 minutes of the game.
Finally, the Pens get it out, and the game takes an entirely different tone when Sid grabs the puck.
A little later, the Pens work it up through the neutral zone and chip into the Caps zone.
Goalie Theodore misplays it then just gives up on the play.
Meanwhile, after Karl Alzner makes a heroic effort to keep the puck out:
Crosby gets out the pickle-stabber
No idea what Theodore is doing there.
Brent Johnson was seemingly so smooth in the first, lazily turning away shots.
He was forced to be on his toes, 'cause the Pens had to keep icing the puck.
Somewhere in there, Nick Johnson draws a penalty.
The power play looked great, but no goal.
Later, Sid had a chance in front but couldn't lift it.
The Caps were able to tie it when Ovechkin does a solid move and puts it on net.
Mike Knuble makes his living picking up trash and killing the Pens.
Pens had another PP late.
But no dice again.
Sid with a heady play to try to get the net back on its moorings.
Prepare for him to be labeled a cheater.
Cooke and Ovie bump into one another heading to the dressing rooms.
Recent Aspen Dental commercials have some joke singing cover version of "When I See You Smile."
Don't mess with copyrighted material.
The intensity prevalent throughout the entire first was nonexistent early in the second.
Probably because of this:



Thanks to Nate.B and Fleuryous. Not jobbing just seems bizarre.

The Caps started doing what they did to start the first, completely dominating the Pens' zone.
That eventually resulted in an icing call.
Pens had the tired troops. Fehr scores a lucky goal that bounces off Orpik. 2-1.
Not even a minute later, Fedotenko carries the puck into the zone.
Malkin eventually gets the puck, and it somehow finds Nick Johnson all alone in front.
In four minutes of ice time up to that point, Nick Johnson accomplishes more than Chris Bourque.
The intensity from the first period was back when Orpik runs Ovie.
Ovie didn't know people are allowed to hit him, and he cross-checks Orpik.
Knuble seeks retribution for the Orpik hit, and Candy gets bloodied up.
So odd that the Caps were controlling the Pens' zone…
and yet the Caps were headed to the box yet again.
Fedotenko continued his PCP game and was all over the ice for the back half of that PP.
Letang in the slot. 3-2.
Doesn't go down in the books as a PP goal, but f.u.
Toward the end of the period, the Caps had their first PP. Scary.
Ovechkin snapshot.
The third period was going to be great, it felt like playoff city.
But it's not.
Semin saucered a pass to Tomas Fleishman.
He walked in all alone.




That pretty much sucked the life out of everyone.

Even worse, 20 seconds later Guerin's took what felt like his first penalty of the season possibly. And the Caps wasted no time.
Backstrom is a machine. Caps should trade Semin and sign Backstrom to an unlimited contract.
He buries one on Beej. 5-3 just like that.
The Pens were dead men walking after that. Mike Green wasn't around to make a crucial mistake, and the Caps were on the Pens balls.
Jose Theodore made some big time saves for a change, and the Caps cruised on.




picture 24


  • Boudreau called a big time timeout in the second. It wasn't strategy, he was just trying to make the half off after 11pm at Mad Mex come sooner.
  • Someone won the twitter contest, we'll announce it later.
  • Stunned pics can't be used in losses. Too bad.
  • Go-Go is struggling
  • Nick Johnson was solid.
  • Don't stick up for the Pens on the internet:
From reader NF. She got warned:



Point systems on messages boards now? That's full of fail.