‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

From all of us, to all of you.
Merry Christmas.
Now a poem from reader Amy T.

Twas two nights before Christmas , when all through the town
People thought of the last game and said with a frown,
"What was with that game when you could have been best?
You picked a hell of a day to take such a rest!"

For the pregame nap, the players took to their beds
While visions of winning, danced in their heads
And Bylsma with his notes, and Yeo with no hair
Joined Tony Granato, with his Bond villain stare

When out of their brains came an astounding plan
"We should try to score when we are up by a man!"
Away to the drawing board, they flew like a flash
To tell all the players, they had solved it at last!

The players took to the ice as the first began
And executed the coaching staff's masterful plan
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But a power play goal, the twenty-third of the year!

With a little net front presence, so lively and quick
The crowd knew in a moment, the goal would be sick
More rapid than injuries, the goals came and they came,
And that new announcer guy called them by name!

"Now, Crosby!" Now Malkin! Show me some power!
On Staal! On Rupp! Hell, the one they call Flower!"
To the top of the blue line! To the top of the crease!
Cradle that puck! Then rip that release!"

But unlike the Sharks choking come every spring
Multiple goal leads are not a sure thing
So on the defensive went the all mighty Pens
To dig in their ground as on came the Sens

And then, all alone, came Kovy on the fly
"Good heavens!" I thought. "He decided to try!"
As I drew in a breath, and turned toward the net
Fleury made the save without breaking a sweat

He was cool, calm, collected, and wore such a grin
That even those who saw the World Juniors believed in him
And into the second, he put the team on his back
And looked all the world like a young Tretiak

His eyes-how they focused! His dimples were merry!
(But it's Feds with the rose cheeks, and a nose like a cherry).
His painted mask was drawn to his head so tight
As they entered the third for the last of the fight

The fate of the game, he held in his glove
But alas, some pucks, went a little above
And so in the waning moments, the game stood even
They went into OT, with the Pens still believing

The Pens got the power play right off the draw
And I laughed when I saw it, in spite of it all
People yelled "SHOOT IT!" as the Pens made some passes
And I prayed for someone to come teach the masses

I spoke not a word, but followed the play
Hoping for a gift on this Pre-pre Christmas day
Crosby laid the puck right on Malkin's stick
And without looking up, he gave it a flick

As the goal light turned on, there came an uproarious din
And the team gathered together to share in the win
But as the crowd dispersed I heard Geno exclaim:
"Happy Christmas to all! I play good game!"