We Better Get Going If We’re Gonna Stay Ahead Of The Weather. PENS WIN.

E.T. give finger
Sidney Crosby. Unbelievable.
Hidden in all of this is the Penguins overcoming a 2-goal deficit.
It certainly has been a treat watching the maturation of Crosby.
His goal-scoring tear began in the playoffs last spring, and he hasn't let up.

He got his third hat trick of the season in this one.

We don't care where the Penguins fall amidst the 8 seeds going into the playoffs.
Their play on the road this year doesn't leave us concerned about 4 away games in a series.
Plus they closed out all four series last years on the road.
Regardless, any team with Crosby wearing its sweater is a threat.
Then add Malkin to the equation. And Fleury.
Not to mention Jordan Staal. He has become a force. His last handful of games have been unlike any stretch in his career since his rookie campaign. Finally got a goal. Such a shame that the first question he had to field in the locker room after this game was about Crosby.
Speaking of unknown stats, the Pens have had 4 giveaway nights this year.
And there's been a hat trick on three of those nights.
Those numbers may be made up.
Stunned pics galore after the jump.
Somebody called into Grover Monday night and mentioned RJ Umberger.
Is Staal's play of late making the Pens contemplate a shift in thinking?
As in, bumping Staal up to number-2 center and trying to acquire a solid two-way third-line center?
The resounding theory is that Shero is fishing for a defenseman.
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Before the puck drops, Joe Beninati reminds us that the Sabres didn't take a riverboat to Pittsburgh.
47 seconds in, TK leads a 3-on-1 rush.
Feces was already leaking from Miller's pants.
Kennedy waits and threads a pass to Letestu. 1-0.
Been working hard. Chris Bourque sucks.
That goal took the Pens to even another gear.
They were flying.
Adam Mair gets hit in the face with a shot or something.
Darren Eliot on the broadcast segued to that by saying, "Speaking of identity…"
We were about to dedicate this entire recap to deciphering how that segue made sense.
Eventually, Nick Johnson was going to the box for being a rookie.
Staal had a great chance early on the PK. If he dives there, he gets a call.
Still on the PK, Letang saved a goal by getting the puck out of the crease.
But it was all for naught. Roy puts home a loose puck on a pinball play. 1-1.
8 seconds later, Vanek and some joke came in with a 2-on-1.
Gogo takes the some joke out of the play, leaving Fleury to take Vanek mano a mano.
But MAF still looked like he was unsure about a potential pass. Roofjob. 2-1.
The Pens gathered their shit after those goals and settled down.
Sid leads a rush and drops a pass to Letang.
Letang takes the shot and goes deep.
Face the facts: Crosby should've been back to take Letang's spot.
The Sabres head back the other way 2-on-1, and Feds has to take a penalty.
But the Pens killed it.
Staal spent the rest of the period proving he's been eating his Wheaties.
Great post over at OUR 2 CENTALONES.
The Pens were flying again to start the second.
TK came in with a bizarro Dupuis Play™. No dice.
Guerin takes maybe his second penalty of the year.
Pens kill it.
Right after the PK, though, the Sabres had another odd-man rush.
The Pens were about to experience the business end of a 3-on-2.
Tic-tac-toe. TK goal. 3-1.
Mellon Arena crowd didn't seem worried.
Speaking of riverboats, Ray Shero plays 20 questions with a Versus guy.
The Pens finally got their first PP of the game halfway through the second.
The Pens cash in. Bingo. 3-2.
A delay came when a pane of glass broke.
Three minutes later, Jordan Staal finally gets rewarded. 3-3.

Vanek and Letang went off for slashing behind the play.
That 4-on-4 was over, then Guerin and Stafford went off.
So, Crosby decides to score twice during that 4-on-4.
The first one, he was in the right place at the right time.
The pride of Team USA shits himself. 4-3.
Acting like she actually has friends to text
Then with about a minute left in the period, Crosby and Dupuis came in 2-on-1.
Sid has grown a reputation in his career of looking for the pass.
The tide has obviously shifted this year.
Miller didn't know what to do with that shot. 5-3.

Speaking of hats, Carrot's red hat made it into the PG a while back:
We love her.
Hard driving to start the third, no surprise.
Pens were out to maintain momentum, Buffalo was out to redeem themselves.
Normally the only things being redeemed in Buffalo are Wendy's coupons.
Crosby gets tripped by Miller, but he doesn't even get recognized in the box score for it.
Jochen Hecht takes the heat.
This is why we have zero respect for Ryan Miller or his family.
Powerplay comes up snake eyes, but looked good at least, which is akin to winning bronze in the Special Olympics.
Sabres gain some momentum from the kill, though.
Crosby had a chance a little later that Miller actually stopped.
Staal neuters some joke Sabres D-man when he stickhandles around him and fires a wicked shot.
Miller is there with the answer, even though the question wasn't "Who's an emo who will disappoint his country?"
Buffalo was transitioning nicely out of their own zone, but not getting a ton of sustained pressure on Fleury.
The Pens take a penalty. Bad timing, because the PK was having a rare off night.
The Sabres had been hanging around.
You had to know the game wasn't over yet.
Why? Because Jason Pominville hadn't scored yet. 5-4.
The Sabres smelled blood.
And then Orpik heads to the box. Oh Christ.
Then Miller heads to the bench. Oh shit.
Rivet does a magnificent job to keep a puck in at the blueline.
He works it down the boards to Roy, who somehow gets it to Vanek in front of the net.

And then it happens.

Vanek fires…and Fleury is there.
No photographer was on the ball to get a snapshot of the save.
And we won't disgrace it by putting some stock photo here.
Ron Newcomer spits on Getty Images.
That save is why Marc-Andre Fleury makes $5 million a year, drives a better car than us, lives in a fancier house, and actually has sex. His stats aren't the flashiest, and he'll never have a closetful of Vezinas.
But add Thomas Vanek to the list of people including Jeff Carter, Alex Ovechkin, Eric Staal, Dan Cleary, and Nik Lidstrom who understand why Fleury may have a trunkful of Stanley Cups before he calls it a career.
High stick on the puck is called.
Referee comes flying in with the emphatic point to the other end of the ice.
Faceoff in the Sabres zone with 8 seconds to go.







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