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Treat This as the Last Home Game of the Season.


‘Cause it is.
There is a moment, right as the guy is struggling to get out of his car and reach for the railing.
All his friends are watching him. It is urgent, but they’re thinking he is going to make it.
Then at about the 1:37 mark, it clicks in the Chinese dude’s head.
Shit. He may not make it.
There is nothing they can do. They waited too long. They should have tried harder.
And now they have to watch in stunned disbelief:
Don’t be that guy.
What does Dante’s Peak have to do with Game Six tonight? Well, besides solidifying Pierce Brosnan as a top-five leading man in the ’90s, Dante’s Peak showed us what happens when you don’t go bat-shit crazy soon enough.
They just thought everything was going to be okay. And it wasn’t it.
Don’t wait until it is too late to cheer tonight. Scream like hell if you’re at the Mellon Arena.
Scream like hell at your house.
Don’t let the Pens go down easy like this Chinese man and his friends did to the fat dude.
In the history of best-of-7 NHL Finals series, teams leading 3-games-to-2 with Games 1-2 at home, Games 3-4 on the road, and Game 5 at home (such as Detroit) have a 19-1 (.950) series record with an active thirteen (13) series winning streak. The sole series loss in this situation was sustained by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1971 NHL Finals to the Montreal Canadiens.
We wanted to share this inspiring e-mail from Joe D.

Like most of your readers, I’ve been a huge pens fan my entire life. Also like the bulk of your readers, I grew up with Mario Lemieux as my hero. The fact that the guy went through such a struggle with Hodgkin’s disease and still was able to be the guy he was on and off the ice will always make him the greatest of all time to me. Recently, I was given a bit of a bump in the road myself. I was recently diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumor. I’ve watched most of the playoffs running back and forth from the bathroom because of chemo and have been back and forth out of the hospital. I’m writing to tell you this, because like much of the hockey media with our boys in black and vegas gold, a lot of people in the “know” don’t think I’ll make it. It’s the same type of mindset that causes people to tell Fleury he’s not a good enough goalie to win a cup. It’s the same type of mentality that says we can’t win two games in a row, especially not a game 7 in Detroit. Both in myself and in the Pens’ 2008-09 season, I’m not giving up, and I’m never going to stop believing. We can win this cup. Recently, my girlfriend, Kayla, wrote a letter (which I’ve attached a scanned image of) to Mario telling him about my situation. He wrote me a personally signed letter back. I cannot think of another team in any sport that would do something like this for an average guy like me. It’s one of the many, many reason why I’m a Pens fan and it’s why I believe this is our year. Pens in 7.

Whatever happens tonight, we have made our peace.
For the first time, we sat down and watched Game 6 from last year:
Something came out of watching that, and we figured we would mention it.
Right as the teams are shaking hands, a Fleury chant can be heard. Emrick even says something about it.
And one thing we failed to mention in Game 5’s wake:
Right before the game, Wings fans started an “Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie” chant for Chris Osgood.
Pretty unreal for a goalie coming off a joke four-goal performance.
We saw this being kicked around Cblog, so it got us to thinking.
If you are going to the game, get a Fleury chant going.
Even if it is two people. Even if it is one. Why not? What could it hurt?
Tell everyone about it.
Treat this as the last home game of the season. ‘Cause it is.
MAF has the world on his shoulders tonight.
And maybe, just maybe he’ll feel the power.
Go Pens