TRADE DEADLINE DAY – 9:00am to 12:00pm

Welcome to the madness.
This post will be up until noon.  Then we'll have another one until 3:00pm and a wrap-up post later on.
We'll list any moves the Pens make at the top of the page and the latest news will be right under that.
Here's what the Penguins have done so far:
March 1st:
Traded their 2nd round pick to Florida for Jordan Leopold
March 2nd:
Traded Luca Caputi & Martin Skoula for Alexei Ponikarovsky
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"Recently traded winger Alexei Ponikarovsky from the Toronto Maple Leafs will wear No. 23 for the team, while Wilkes-Barre/Scranton's Chris Connor will wear No. 18 if he is recalled.

Ponikarovsky is currently working out a visa issue and may not be able to join the team for their Thursday contest against the New York Rangers."

Pierre McGuire says that Ryan Whitney could be on the move.
Derek Morris on Sportsnet calls this "a long messed up process."
He liked playing in Boston but would have only waived is no trade clause to go to Phoenix, which he did.
Sportsnet says that Aaron Ward has been traded to Anaheim.
A 4th round pick and Justin Pogge will be heading to Carolina.
Pierre McGuire sounds a little subdued now.
Maybe he was tranquilized at some point.
Dennis Seidenberg is going to Boston.
He was traded alongside Matt Bartowski for Craig Wheeler, Byron Bitz and a 2nd round pick.
Ken Holland of Detroit is on TSN.
He says that the Wings are very close to the cap so the number of moves they can make will be limited.
He says that their players returning from injury will be the best additions for them.
The Leafs got a fifth round pick in exchange for Martin Skoula.
Roberts says that Pittsburgh has a chance to return to the finals once again.
The Sportsnet team must be watching TSN because they make a point to mention that Ponikarovsky will likely play with Malkin, not Crosby.
Gary Roberts and Sportsnet talk about the possibility of returning Colby Armstrong to Pittsburgh.
They say that he'd be a good fit for the Pens and that Atlanta has done a terrible job with him.
pens pens
There are reports that Martin Skoula has been traded once again, this time to the New Jersey Devils for a draft pick.
TSN is saying that Pavol Demitra could be traded from the Canucks.
Gary Roberts is still on Sportsnet.  Now he's talking about Joe Nieuwendyk in Dallas and his first trade deadline as a GM.
They ask him what he would do with Marty Turco.  He says it's a tough decision.
Sidney Crosby is on TSN.
He says the Olympics were "a ton of fun."
He said he wasn't nervous at the games.
He hasn't found his missing equipment yet.
He says that Shero's moves have been really good.
TSN continues to mention that Ponikarovsky could be on Crosby's line for some reason.
Sid puts over Poni's size and physical play.
He agrees that, because of the cap and the team's depth at center, the team's wingers will be rotating for quite a while.
Crosby says he feels lucky to have accomplished everything he has in his career so far.

There's a lot of talk that the Morris deal will lead to another deal for the Bruins.
The Bruins got a 2011 4th round pick in exchange.
We have a trade!
pens pens
The Bruins have sent Derek Morris to Phoenix.

Gary Roberts is on Sportsnet.
They're talking mostly about the Leafs, since they're obviously the center of the universe.
He says Pittsburgh is set for the next ten years with Crosby, Malkin & Staal down the middle.
He keeps in touch with Sid since he's left Pittsburgh and says that how hard he works was an inspiration to him.
He mentions that Steven Stamkos has handled himself well in Tampa.  Roberts trained with him four days a week over the summer.
Can you imagine training with Gary Roberts?
We get tired just thinking about it.
Roberts puts over Crosby's strength on the puck.
He talks about his time in Tampa being tough.  He says they made too many changes last year to build a team.
He says Malone needs to battle for them every night and that Lecavalier needs to adjust his training in order to stay an elite player.
Michael Peca leaves Mike Green off of his choices for Team Canada 2014.
Somewhere Ted Leonsis is angrily blogging his frustration to the world.
TSN is talking about the possible 2014 Canadian Olympic team.
Sportsnet will have Gary Roberts on today.
Poni is on Sportsnet.  He'll be flying to Pittsburgh as soon as possible.  For some reason the announcers ask why he isn't driving and they talk about that for quite a while.
Brian Burke called Alexei after the game last night and told him about the trade.
Ponikarovsky says he's been with the Leafs for a long time and he has mixed feelings about leaving.
He says business is business.
He hasn't heard from the Pens staff about where he will play in the lineup, but the fact the people keep mentioning being on Crosby's wing confuses us.  Sportsnet asks how well he knows Malkin.  He doesn't know him that well, but Fedotenko called him today.
The two have known each other since they were kids.
He might not make it to Pittsburgh today due to immigration issues.
Sportsnet talks about moving the deadline to later in the night in order to have a prime time show.
It could be good PR for the league, but they'd likely have to cancel all games that day.
Luca Caputi is on TSN.  He sounds tired.
He said that becoming a Leaf is "a dream come true."
He's definitely going to be a favorite in Toronto.
He should be in the Leafs lineup tomorrow.
Looking around the blogs now.
Faceoff Factor is putting out some great stuff.
TSN says that the Senators are pretty much done on the trade front.
Rogers Sportsnet is talking about the Bruins.  They desperately need scoring.
Is Tim Thomas in play?  Will Tuuka Rask be the Bruins new starter?
Will the Bruins trade their first round pick and keep the one they have from the Leafs?
So many questions.
Nashville may decide not to trade Hamhuis and try to make the playoffs.
The Sharks could be looking to shake things up.
So could Philly.
Sidney Crosby will be on TSN in about an hour.
Ponikarovsky's Penguins debut could be tomorrow night in New York, if he can get the immigration work done on time.
Looking for a place to watch that game?  TGI Fridays on the Waterfront is hosting a Pens away game party tomorrow night starting at 6pm.
Damien Cox says that for every team like Pittsburgh and Washington that dumped players and rebuilt, there are teams like the Islanders and the Panthers go nowhere.
The panel agrees that selling your team for draft picks and prospects doesn't always work.
More discussion about the Leafs.  Somewhere the rest of Canada is screaming that their favorite team isn't being mentioned.
McGuire says the Leafs depth chart is a mess and stares at everyone on the panel.
They all laugh.
He says the Leafs are five years away from being competitive.
Pierre McGuire is already standing in people's personal space and yelling a lot considering it's just after 9am.
The current McGuire creepiness level is two: Standard McGuire.
Poni is on the phone. He calls the Penguins "a great club and a great organization."
Says he doesn't know if he'll be playing with Crosby or Malkin and that the move is a great oportunity for him.
He says the Pens have players that know how to win.
He's still working on immigration paperwork but he hopes to play in the Pens next game.
He's still shocked at being traded, despite knowing it was coming.
The TSN panel just went around and listed their top five picks for the Stanley Cup.
Pierre McGuire:
Chicago Blackhawks
Pittsburgh Penguins
Washington Capitals
San Jose Sharks
Philadelphia Flyers

Matthew Barnaby:
San Jose Sharks
Chicago Blackhawks
New Jersey Devils
Washington Capitals
Buffalo Sabres

Craig MacTavish:
Chicago Blackhawks
Vancouver Canucks
Washington Capitals
Pittsburgh Penguins
San Jose Sharks

The world is once again buzzing about Ray Shero at the deadline.
Ponikarovsky is a solid pick up, even as a rental.
The Penguins have been missing someone that can finish on the wings.  Poni is exactly that player.
Last season he had 23 goals and 61 points with the Leafs.
This year he already has 19 goals.
And this is with the Leafs, playing with people like Mikhail Grabovski and Tyler Bozak as his center.
If he gels with Malkin it's gonna be bananas.
As for Caputi, he's a good player.
He has a lot of energy and will likely turn into a 20 goal scorer in the NHL.
He'll get much more of a chance to play in Toronto and will turn into a hero in his hometown.
The deal works out for both teams.