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With 45 minutes left until the deadline the Bloguin server is not happy.

For what it's worth, I think the Guerin trade was very good.  The Penguins gave up hardly anything.  I was worried they would have to give more, but a 3rd rounder is pretty good.
2:11 PM



The Penguins sent a conditional pick to the Islander for Guerin.
It will be a 5th round pick if the Pens miss the playoffs, a 4th round pick if they make them and a 3rd round pick if they win a playoff round.


1:58 PM


TSN: Bill Guerin to Pittsburgh is done.

1:54 PM




1:52 PM


TSN reports Petr Forsberg is in Denver and he will announce his retirement tonight.
TSN also speculates that Gary Roberts will retire.



1:51 PM


Cory Woron of TSN says the Leafs have denied that Dominic Moore has been sent to Chicago.



1:42 PM


I have to say, I'm not a fan of the rumours of Guerin or Ruutu coming to Pittsburgh.  I don't think the Pens need Ruutu, and his salary, any longer.  He's also signed for two more years, something Ray Shero was hesitant to do during the offseason. 
Bill Guerin would benefit young a team that needs some veteran direction heading into the playoffs.  I don't think the Pens need



rather see them focus their efforts elsewhere.


1:25 PM


Tampa sends Mark Recchi and a 2010 2nd round pick to Boston for Matt Lashoff and Martins Karsums.

Talks between Chris Neil and the Senators have broken



is looking at Guerin or Ruutu.



1:24 PM


Reportedly whatever trade the Islanders had lined up involving Bill Guerin has fallen through.

TSN speculates that he could fit in well in Pittsburgh.


1:18 PM


It sounds like Dominic Moore is heading to Chicago.


1:16 PM


It's Quiet


1:07 PM


Phoenix will also send Calgary a third round pick with Jokinen.  The Flames will also need to make another move in order to fit under the cap.


1:03 PM

It looks like TSN has built a little cage for Pierre McGuire.

I think he'll need a shock collar though, if you want him to settle down.
He's definitely the most annoying part of their broadcast.

12:54 PM

Calgary has definitely improved the most out of the West.  It will be interesting to see how teams like Dallas and San Jose react.  There are still a number of big names



also looks like they are going to make a couple of moves.  They've cleared some space by waiving Satan and they've added some depth.

Also, the Leafs Vesa Toskala will have surgery and he is out for the season.  The surgery is the reason for the Gerber pick up.



12:41 PM

Boston has traded Petteri Nokelainen to Anaheim for Steve Montador


Phoenix has traded Olli Jokinen to Calgary for Brandon Prust, Matthew Lombardi and a first round



are still cap issues to work out here.


12:34 PM

Ken Holland just spoke to TSN.

Hossa went to hospital for tests.  All test were negative.
He has pain in his neck and a bruised knee.  He is listed as day-to-day.
He says Detroit doesn't have anything going on in regards to trade and will likely not make any trades today.  They're too close to the cap.

He's watching what the league is doing, mostly in the west.  He said adding grit and depth at the deadline is always a good idea.



12:30 PM

Move waiver news:
The Toronto Maple Leafs have picked up Eric Reitz from New York.
The Dallas Stars have picked up Brendan Morrison from Anaheim.


12:25 PM

None of the bigger names have moved.  Bouwmeester, Antropov, Recchi, Cole, etc. haven't been traded yet.  It's going to be a very busy couple of hours.  Hopefully the site holds up.


12:19 PM

The Penguins have picked up some depth today so far.  Craig Adams and Andy Wozniewski are depth signings.  It looks like Shero is planning on trading some assets in a bigger deal.  It also looks like he's filling up on depth to gear for the playoffs.  Both seem like relatively good deals to me.  With Satan's contract now effectively gone they have room to make a decent-sized signing.


It's about to get interesting.


12:05 PM

Some waiver news:
Miroslav Satan and Gary Roberts have both cleared.


Martin Gerber has been picked up by



Adams has been picked up by the Penguins.


12:04 PM

Mikael Tellqvist has been traded from Phoenix to Buffalo for a fourth round pick.