Top Five: Penguins Goal Celebrations

We've never been a big fan of lists, but whatev it is summer. We want every Wednesday to be a top five list, but with a slight twist. We're asking for reader submissions. It can be a top five list about anything you want. Just email us your list, with youtube links and pics. We'll pick the best one for the week and post it. If no one does it, really we couldn't care less.

This submission comes from the immortal J-schiff.

J-Schiff is a first ballot Pensblog hall-of-famer. We've always said he is one of the best conceptional Photoshop artists we know. His work speaks for itself.

After the jump J-schiff gives us his top five list:

Top Five Penguins goal celebrations of all time.



[Jschiff gave us his top ten, and it's cool, because he is cash money]



10. Jagr OT Playoff Flip-Off

Jagr’s first big-time goal in the NHL. He followed it up by possibly flipping the bird during his weirdo celebration. This one gets bonus points because I was there in person as a 12 year-old.

9. Straka Slide (4:22 mark)

One of my favorite series in Penguin history. Straka’s celebration was the release of emotion for a team that overcame huge odds for the upset.

8. Stevens tackles Francis

Underrated goal in Penguin history. Without the heroics of Ronnie Franchise that night, the Pens don’t go back-to-back.

7. Sykora the Savior

Epic. Great team celebration. Nuff said.

6. Malkin/Crosby

The beginning of a great era in Pittsburgh hockey. Vintage Malkin glass-leap.

5. Mario Finals Celebration

Shit like this is why he’s known as “Buries It.” The celebration is cool as fuck.

4. Kovy Moonwalk

It’s the fucking moonwalk. He only does it after hat tricks. The fact that the guy is good enough to have his own standard hat trick celebration makes it that much better.

3. Nedved Ends the Marathon

Jubilation. Relief. Pooping on the Craps yet again. What’s not to like about this classic celebration at the end of a classic game.

2. Kaspar Pile

The surprise element of Kaspar putting one home past a hall of famer in a game seven. Great pile-on action.


1. Robbie Brown Windmill Action

Robbie Brown + mullet+ late 80s NHL+ windmill = fucking sweetness.