Top Five: NHL Mascots


We've never been a big fan of lists, but whatev it is summer. We want every Wednesday to be a top five list, but with a slight twist. We're asking for reader submissions. It can be a top five list about anything you want. Just email us your list, with youtube links and pics. We'll pick the best one for the week and post it. If no one does it, really we couldn't care less.

Today's top five comes from XLilNico21X.
The top five mascots in the NHL today.


5.  S. J. Sharkie

All business, and only a real badass rides a segway:


4. Bailey

Mascot for a bad team, but I hear his cooking skills make up for it:


3. Thrash

That picture alone puts him on this list, too bad no one cares enough about the Thrashers for there to be any video of him.

2. Youppi

I still have no clue what he is supposed to be but I guess, after hearing about his family, he turned out better than his siblings:


1. Iceburgh

You expected someone else?  I mean he is not only a mascot, he is an actor who played a pivotal role in the movie Sudden Death (sorry no video, I had the old fight scene bookmarked but it no longer works.)  And is also our mayor of the future:


He's also in an ESPN commercial: