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A Time To Hate


[Another sick job by Benson]
Playing the Florida Panthers was nice and all. But now the fun begins.
Until 2010, the Pens play some of the most annoying teams, with the most annoying fan bases. In short, this is what it is all about.
And it all starts with the Flyers.



If you haven’t track the Flyers this year, you’re missing one of the great meltdowns of the season. They fired John Stevens, and hired Peter Laviolette. But that hasn’t done shit.

As our fellow bloguin blog [Flyers Goal Scored By] states, there is some major issues in the locker room:

I would never think to challenge all the hard work that these guys talk about putting in. There’s no doubt they work their bodies into incredible shape. But when does a player that is highly touted from the time he is 12 years old ever find the time to put in the mental work that turns you into an adult? When do they ever face adversity? On Saturday night the Flyers dressed 12 players that were drafted in the first 2 rounds of the NHL Draft. Meaning that year, and in fact all of their formative years, they were one of the best 50 hockey players in the world. The WORLD. They’ve always been the best. When faced with problems they don’t know how to handle they skate harder, ride the bike longer, and study the opposition closer.

And he even makes some valid points. A Flyers blogger? Whaaaat?
This is where people like us get to make fun of Mike Richards, and quite honestly it feels great.
The Matrix of Leadership, god almighty himself, has failed. Isn’t funny that where Flyer fans and Certain NHL announcers proclaim Mike Richards the leadership king of the world, he can’t even control his own locker room.
And then there is this from some rumor site. [The philly four]
According to the source Jeff Carter had an affair with Scott Hartnell’s wife and the entire locker room is split over the situation. If this is true the question must be asked, could a trade of one of the two players be the only remedy for such a problem? Also in other Flyers Wives gossip, Danny Brierre is rumored to be close to getting a divorce with his wife.
What a mess. This is what losing does when you have high expectations. It just snowballs into one thing after another.
With all that said, the Flyers could save their season this week. Two games against the Pens, and two wins would spark them.
And the exact opposite is true for the Pens. We’ve become accustom to ending the Flyers season, but doing it in December? Yea, that would be something.
And that is why these next two games, the hate will flow.
It is good to be back. If you think Chris Pronger is about to do something stupid, you’re not alone.
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  • a Christmas song by Alyonka.
  • Pens changing their powerplay
  • Semin’s nickname is jizz




The Pens are changing their powerplay.
From Pens.com:

Splitting Malkin and Crosby from the same side of the ice is the most drastic measure taken by the Penguins to cure the ills of their power play. With the two superstars occupying about 20 square feet of ice most of the year, it has made it somewhat easier for opposing teams to take away their time and space and limit passing options. Now that they are on opposite sides of the rink, that won’t be the case.[PP]
There are alot of people on the bash Mike Yeo train. Get over it.
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From Jon B.

First off….I didnt catch this at first.  I was about to change the
channel then i was like wait…waht did he just say???

So Al Cocaine asks him that first question and he says, “Jizz and Ovie
play well together.”  Jizz hahahahahahahah  Semin hahahaha.  what a

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Unreal story from [Empty Netters]
Bing stole Mike Kadar’s, the strength and conditioning coach, keys.
And then they destroyed his car.
Job city.
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And finally our boy from [Detroit4lyfe] sent this along.
Alyonka’s christmas song “What Christmas Means to Me,”featuring tons of NHL players, and the Detroit Red Wings.
One of our favorite Christmas songs ever, with a few edits of course:
Go Pens