This One’s For Vince. PENS WIN.

We were at the game, which translates into a mud recap.
We were in C18 for this one.
Some bad asses in C19 started the MVP chant right off the bat.
We checked out the Yinz Cam on the iPhone 'cause we're technology whores.
It's pretty sweet.
Anyway, the Pens are playing like beasts right now.
Out of nowhere, they have a 21-11-3 record at Mellon Arena.
Where did that come from?
jump city for some poor recap work and pics.

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No reason to insult anyone by trying to split this up into periods.
Crosby got the Pens on the board with a sick backhand past Quick.
Candy laid some joke out.
Then on a powerplay, Malkin was left all alone to tap in a Crosby pass.
About 11 separate MVP chants echoed off the ceiling of the Mellon.
Somewhere in there, the Penguins paid tribute to organist Vince Lascheid.
They showed him playing some sick song while photos spanning his career were shown.
If you weren't pumped yet, they ended the tribute with him doing the LET'S GO PENS tune as the game was coming back from commercial.
Never heard the arena clap along to it so loudly before.  Intense moment.
After that Malkin goal, Jack Johnson made some gay song and attacked Malkin.
Somehow, they both go off for roughing.
Early-ish in the second, Tyler Kennedy scored.
That's like his 3rd career goal at the Mellon it seems.

TheEnforcer98 with the video.
Then Billy Guerin put one home from the slot or close to it.  4-0.
Matt Cooke and some joke get 10-minute misconducts after the Kennedy goal.
This picture depicts possibly 20% of Kings fans at the game.
Error1355 with the pic.
Somewhere in the second, Staal almost goes coast to coast.
The Kings get a 5-on-3 in the third and break MAF's shutout bid.
Kopitar is dying alive.
Andrews S.'s friend
and, man, we have an unreal story about the Bing-Cup-Shadow pic.
We're waiting for a follow-up e-mail.