This loss hurts. But we ak lye eh dunt. PENS LOSE.
We've been alive for a while now.
And these kind of losses still sting.
Thankfully, we only have like 8 minutes to cry about it.
As for the game, just think — Next year when Jason Peters is parking your car outside of Mallorca for you, you won't have to tip him. He has stolen enough.
To be fair, the Canes have been actually a much better team of late.
They're as hot as it gets, winning 9 of their last 11.
But honestly they weren't even in the same building as the Pens last night.
The Pens outshot them, 40-21, and hit about nine posts.
But the Pens got a point. Never discount points in the NHL.
But oh baby. Friday night is a big one.
First playoff game of the year.

It is hard to take things seriously, though, when this YouTube is in your vicinity:
South Park parodied this in a teaser for their upcoming season. HERE.
Then, as with any YouTube video of significance, someone parodied it themselves. HERE.
And of course there's a remix music video of it.
You know how sometimes it takes you a minute or two to really tune into a game?
Like if you're distracted making a website banner for a homo.
J Staal scored in that timeframe. 1-0.
Earliest goal of the year for the Pens? We have no clue.

Staal's been dominant lately.
Wonder how many goals he'd score if he didn't play on the third line. Just sayin.
The game was shaping up to be about as competitive as Marc Savard vs. sunlight.
The 'Canes get a delay-of-game penalty, surprisingly unrelated to the fact that they were skating with cement feet.
Crosby and Malkin roar into the zone.
Bing shoots, rebound, Malkin shoots, rebound…..right to Billy G. 2-0.
Do it on Twitpic
Click for higher quality.
The Pens were swarming like sharks after that.
They could smell and taste the blood in the water.
and tits
Gonchar heads to the penalty box. Johnson hadn't done anything yet and was asleep.
Ray Whitney wakes him up with a shot that rings off the post and goes in. 2-1.
True fact: all wizards are gay.

While you were shrugging off that goal, Zach Boytoucher backhands a puck at Johnson. 2-2.

Pens still showed some jump after that. But so did the 'Canes.

Despite a back and forth fast pace, none of it was terribly exciting.

The Disco forecheck creates a turnover. Malkin gathers it in. Peters is a joke.

By the time a shot is taken, the 'Canes have converged on the open net and executed their favorite maneuver: man-pile. No dice.

Pens take a penalty to end the period.

picture 24

RE: The Movie "She's Out Of Your League."
We won't see if for 4 reasons.
1. Nicolas Cage isn't it.
2. We've seen the plot before. In like 30 other movies.
3. Paul Steigerwald endorsed it.
4. The look on the face of the guy on the right.
Then again, this is the last movie ever to be made in Mellon Arena, it looks like.
Unfortunate way to go.
Eric Staal and his face put a cheapo past Brent Johnson. 3-2.
Eric Staal has been a force dating back to pre-Olympics.
After the goal, the Pens picked shit up a little bit.
They were flying everywhere.
It looked like they had a powerplay there for a while.
A little later, Dupuis grabs a loose puck, and the Pens have a quick 2-on-1.
Some dude thwarts Dupuis' centering pass, but the Pens maintain possession.
Matt Cooke finds a loose puck and bangs it home. 3-3.
It's funny because you can actually picture Jack Edwards shaking his head pissed off.
If Dupuis keeps this up, Tyler Kennedy might have to take a trip to Men's Warehouse.
Dupuis brings just as much to that line as Kennedy has all year.
Game was tied. Good shit.
Malkin leads a rush and pushes it to Tenko behind the net.
Fedotenko almost breaks his mouth on the boards.
That looked hilarious.
And pretty much summed up Tenk's presence on the second line right now.
We aren't shitting on him. He just needs to find his next level.
Job job job till the end of the period.
Then the Canes found themselves with a 5-on-3 for 90 seconds.
Nothing too frightening from the Canes' PP unit.
Only thing scary about that was the amount of Pens fans cheering when the puck was cleared.
We'll give someone a roll of duct tape if they can find something relevant to discuss about the third period…
Other than the entire third period had homoerotic undertones.
Steigy said pocket rocket three times in a row.
Props to curtO
The last few minutes of the third were insane.
Malkin smacked the post.