This. Ain’t. Over. PENS LOSE
"You can't beat us."
"You can't beat us."
"You can't beat us."
Those were the chants of Devils fans as the Devils went on to clinch a 5-2 victory over the Pens.
We need the video and audio, because we're going to make that our ringtone until the playoffs
Look, is it good that the Pens have lost six straight to the Devils? Nope.
But despite the resounding tones of bridge jumpers, we love it.
Because when the band rolls into New Jersey come Mid-April, the world champs will be left for dead.
If any team on the planet feeds off being not given a chance, it is the Pens.
And before we get ahead of everything, the Devils haven't clinched or won anything yet. Tons of hockey to be played.
All these people speaking about playoff matchups are garbage. How did that UPDATED two third seed work out for the Devils last year?
Bottom line, once the playoffs start, all bets are off. It'd be nice to have home ice in the first round. There is no easy path to the promise land. If that isn't in you're mind already, no clue why you read this site.
And as for wrestlemania tonight against the Bruins.
Bring it.



Forgot how unreal those Devils jerseys are. We were expecting Bruce Driver to come out and score some goal.
One of these years, we'd love to see the Pens come out in the 90-91 jerseys.


It was 7:09. The sun was still out. The playoff feel was in play.
So was Chris Kunitz.
Pens play a great opening few minutes. Brodeur was too old to get going. And Kunitz beat him.
Everyone talked about getting the first goal.
Didn't mean shit. Just a really well played first period, end to end action.
And then the world fell apart. The Pens we're bringing the puck out, but the Devils forced a turnover.
Zubrus has a clean breakaway on MAF.

Nasty, nasty move.
Our prediction failed about MAF getting a shutout. But we'll go back to it. Bet your life on it.
After the Devils tied it, it was actually the first time we've ever seen a Devils crowd into a game.
The Pens grinded it out, had some good shifts.
But another turnover, and another Devils goal.
Every mistake the Pens made, they paid for it.
Paul Martin nails it home.
Just a crushing goal.
Yes, a horrible end to the first, but the Pens come out working.
Kelly Clarkson take a bad penalty. Huge powerplay.
What happened next was pretty much the game. After a good start to the PP, the roof fell in.
Zajoke picked some pass off and smoked Go-Go. MAF makes a spectacular glove save.
But before you can say how big of a save it was, Elias picks off a Leopold pass. One thing we've learned over the years from watching Elias. He doesn't miss shit against the Pens. It was 3-1 as soon as he picked the pass off.



First mistake Leopold made since coming to the Pens. Nothing you can do.
The pain wasn't done.
The first goal hurt, the second goal was crushing, the third goal was a disaster.
But the fourth goal was Luke Ravenstahl's marriage.
Pens with another turnover. Parise makes them pay. 4-1



Parise and Zajoke should have made out after the goal. Jesus act like you've been there before.

MAF got pulled.
Beej came in and made a few big saves just to keep it close.
The Pens couldn't get anything going.
Devils Defenseman Andy Greene updated his Four Square account during the game.
There was talk about some type of comeback.
But that's all it was.
The third period consisted of Brodeur making unrealistic saves, and other typical Devil hockey shit.
The funny thing is, we thought the Pens actually had a pretty decent third period.
All of sudden they were getting some chances. Mark Eaton almost beats Brodeur wrap around style, but somehow Marty recovers.
A few minutes later Feds buries one past him. 4-2.
All of sudden its 4-2. You start realizing how close this game could have been.
Pens turn it up.
But Crosby gets called for goalie interference.
No clue how Brodeur can get that call. Incredible.
Pens kill it off, and then some jackass boards Go-Go.
It was a five minute major, but Letang jumped in to defend Go-Go, so after 2 minutes of 4-on-4 Pens have a three minute powerplay.
Just wasn't going to happen. Devils kill it.
"You can't beat us."
"You can't beat us."
"You can't beat us."
Rob Neidermayer scores the empty netter. Too bad the scoreboard didn't fall on him.