Things That Sucked About The 09-10 Season: The Defy Ordinary Slogan

In a continuing summer series we take a look at what went wrong this season. Rather than do one giant post about the 2009-2010 season, we figured we would just break it down into pieces. One painful step at a time.

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Yesterday we got a few emails about another cool Penguins marketing tactic called the "Student Flush."
Thanks to Nash
The idea behind the Student Flush was just to invite a bunch of students down to have one massive flush of all the toliets in the Consol Energy Center to test the plumbing. It was a play on the "Student Rush" ticket push that the Penguins brillantly created.
In fact the Penguins have been unreal at creating marketing ploys. Whether it is the players delivering season tickets to season ticket holders, the ticket exchange, etc., the Penguins have been the best in the NHL.
Which is why it is so shocking that they laid one of the biggest eggs in the history of marketing when the debuted their slogan for the 2009-20010 season, Defy Ordinary.
When it was launched on September 22, 2009, President David Morehouse said this:
“This campaign isn’t just about the Penguins players and coaches – it is about the energy of our fans, about the pulse of our region, and about the energy and innovation of 21st century Pittsburgh,” said team president David Morehouse. “We spent the past year-and-a-half conducting extensive branding research. In particular, we found that young Pittsburghers relate closely to our young team and our presence in the community.
You spent a year-and-a-half on something that could have been resloved by you looking out of a window during the 2008-2009 playoff run. Would love to have the job of that branding research company:
"Hey David, yea so after a year and a half we figured out that young people are into the Pens. I KNOW! I can't believe it either."
So after all that, we got this:
Ummm… yea. That video seemed like a college recruitment video more than a season-defining message. Just a mess.
At the time everyone was at stage "don't really want to say anything bad about the Penguins, but yea that is lame."
The Penguins had just come off a Cup win and an extremely sucessful marketing campaign with " It's A Great Day for Hockey." They could have come up with anything. ANYTHING better than this.
And it got worse. Much worse.
The players commercials looked like haistly put together high school projects. And what did they even mean?
When Mike Rupp looks into the Camera and says, " I am Mike Rupp, and this is how I defy ordinary?"
What? You Defy Ordinary by awkarding delivering lines into the camera? We couldn't even find it on YouTube it's so bad.
The prevailing thought of a lot of people is that the Pens should have just gone with "It's A Great Day for Hockey," again. Or maybe something celebrating the Mellon Arena.
Do slogans have any impact on the season record, or how the season will go? No.  But a tone was set. We firmly belive that.
And that is why Defy Ordinary sucked.