Things That Sucked About The 09-10 Season: FSN

In a continuing summer series, we take a look at what went wrong this season. Rather than do one giant post about the 2009-2010 season, we figured we would just break it down into pieces. One painful step at a time.

Next week:That game against Phoenix
Fox Sports Pittsburgh
It was opening night. The mood was set by a sick presentation by the Penguins.
And then Paul Steigerwald ruined it.
"Lets raise the roof, as we raise the banner."
It is still cringe inducing now. You know that guy that somehow thinks 90's references are still acceptable? That's Paul Steigerwald. What a terrible time for middle age cool white man syndrome to strike.
Raise the roof?Are you kidding? If there is a video of him doing the hand gesture that accompanied the phase, we hope it was destroyed.
Ladies and Gentlemen, your lead play-by-play guy for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Somehow that wasn't the lowest point of what many will one day call the worst produced/broadcasted season in the history of hockey.
No, there were many, many low points.


  • Offense in a race to get the puck in the offensive zone corner against Defense. Camera is wide. Then, all of a sudden the camera is switched to the up close corner boards. No idea what happens.
  • Team enters zone at the end of the powerplay. Camera cuts to player coming out of box.
  • End of game, goalie pulled. Cut away to goalie leaving for bench.
  • Missed faceoffs.
  • No replays of big time moments.
The list of piss poor production goes on and on. Check out the video someone sent in at the beginning of the season.
No idea who runs the production studio during games. But whoever it is they need to wake up. While producing is hard, hockey isn't it. When your mistakes become the focal point of a broadcast, it is time to revaluate things.
Another grade A suck city section for FSN. Every game there was something:
The Starkist Question of the night was a melting pot for mistakes.
Dear Paul Steigerwald,
Take your brothers advice:
John Steigerwald's banner is why the Internet does what it does.
In all seriousness, between Bob Errey's tired act and Steigy's lack of ability you probably should buy a sports sync radio. The broadcast team controls the production really, so you can blame a lot of the problems of the FSN on them. Errey's analysis can be good. No one doubts that. But the lack of flow and generally poor play-by-play kill the mood.
Put it this way:
If there was a competive station with a good announcing team and 3% better production value, no one would watch FSN.
But there isn't.
Nothing like mocking plane crashes:
Steigerwald should just got NWO this year. Make some 9/11 references. Good times.
Fox sports sucked for all of the reasons above and so much more. But any reasons pale in comparsion to the embarassment suffered in a game against the Flyers in mid-January.
During a disputed Flyers goal. FSN withheld video evidence that clearly showed the puck going in.
FSN Sports ended up suspending an employee and issuing a statement.
"There is nothing more important than the integrity of the game. During last Thursday's game against the Philadelphia Flyers, a definitive replay of a Flyers goal was not aired prior to the conclusion of the official review and, as a result, a Flyers goal was not awarded. Fortunately, this did not change the outcome of the game. Nonetheless, FSN Pittsburgh's failure to provide video to the league officials in a timely fashion was wholly unacceptable. FSN Pittsburgh has addressed this matter and has taken steps to ensure that such a failure does not occur again."
The goal didn't have a baring on the game, 7-3 loss, but it was bad karmblog. No excuse.
The list of suckage from FSN will never end. Why don't they have cool intro's like the CBC does every so often.
Why don't they seem to care?
Because they don't have to. People still need to watch. And as long as people are watching, advertisers are paying. Simple as that.
So either buy yourself a sports sync radio and listen to Lange and the old 29er, or watch the game on mute. Because FSN doesn't give a shit about the quality of their broadcast.
And thats why they suck.