They Never Learn

Dan Steinberg is up to his old tricks again on his B(L)OG.
By all accounts, Steinberg is a good enough guy.
But he’s from Washington, so he’s a joke.
Recently he put his love affair with everything Redskins on hold
to post something about Penguin fans.
Basically, he posted a bunch of Blingees
that were being posted at LGP.
He neglected to post this one, for some reason.
Steinberg says:

(True story: I saw someone mention how the top two teams in the Eastern Conference were playing Saturday night, and I suddenly thought maybe I had missed the fact that the Caps were playing the Pens. Nope. The Caps are playing the Devils. I guess this is why the Pens need the sparkles.)

Tip to Steinberg…
Before you jump to conclusions that the Pens and Caps are playing, you should wait for someone to mention that, “the defending Stanley Cup champions are coming to town, ” or ,”Hey, Dan, there’s a rematch of the Eastern Conference Semifinals tonight.  Hopefully the Caps show up this time.”
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