There’s A Lot Of People Sayin’ We’d Be Better Off Dead

There is a scene in the movie Gladiator where a broken-down Maximus
screams to the crowd after dispatching another joke,
"Are you not entertained?  Are you not entertained?  Is this not why you are here?"
That is Ray Shero.
No matter what he does, there will always be some fanboy that needs more.
And that sucks.  If you're upset with Shero's moves at the deadline, get real.
Think back to three weeks ago when the Penguins were eating their own poop halfway down the steps to the basement of the Eastern Conference.  A lot of Penguin fans were writing off the Pens as a playoff team.  The same people are now wondering why Shero didn't make some blockbuster trade to make the Penguins a prime Cup contender.  That's just not realistic.  It wouldn't be worth it.
We'll get lazy now, and instead of capping this off with our own conclusion,
we'll just quote what Greg at PUCK DADDY said about Shero's moves on Wednesday:
Shero has now added Chris Kunitz, Craig Adams and Bill Guerin to this team. Give the man credit: He realized his decisions last summer neutered this locker room, and has reinserted a spine into this franchise. If that puts the Penguins back in the mindset of last season's team, then Pittsburgh's dangerous.
Does any team in the East seriously want to play a 7th- or 8th-seeded Pittsburgh team? THE CONFLUENCE echoes that sentiment.   Lots more on Guerin and everything else after the jump.
We can't say we were that high on Bill Guerin.
We have always hated him so much that it never registered.
But that changed at 1:55pm on Wednesday.
If Bill Guerin didn't want to be here, he wouldn't have OK'd the trade.
Bill Guerin isn't the savior of the season.
That honor goes to the MVP of the National Hockey League, Evgeni Malkin.
Bill Guerin isn't going to steal games.
That honor goes to Marc-Andre Fleury.
Bill Guerin isn't going to touch little boys.
That honor goes to Ted Leonsis.
But the fact of the matter is, you don't play 16 years in the NHL,
score 403 goals, captain a team, and win a Stanley Cup just by showing up.

Like Seth mentioned at EMPTY NETTERS, Guerin isn't going to have a Hossa-like impact.
But the move now gives the Pens a legit top three lines; way more legit than even two weeks ago.
Bill Guerin's house is unreal:
He hates Ryan Malone, too.
To wrap up the Billy Guerin talk, a person who we would describe as a big deal sent us an e-mail,
detailing an encounter he had with Guerin when he was with the Bruins.
Many years ago, I had tickets to a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway, and they were the cheaper outfield seats and fairly high up in right field. My buddies and I were drinking away when we noticed Bill Guerin and a couple other Bruins walking up the stairs to our section double-fisting beers at the start of the 1st inning. His walk was what got my attention: head down watching both beers as not to spill a drop but still moving quickly up the stairs.

After the second inning, Guerin went back down to get more beers.

Since I can't resist a chance to bust balls AND was sitting on the aisle, I stopped Guerin on his way up to his cheap seats.

I told him, "Didn't you learn from Lindros' and know you should keep your head up at all times?"

He stopped dead in his tracks, looked me dead in the eye and said, "I can handle a hit with my head down, but I'll be damned if I'm spilling my beer."

Joining the Road Dog Billy Guerin are:
F – Craig Adams, picked up off waivers.
D – Andy Wozniewski, in return for Danny Richmond.
Craig Adams is bringing that "rah, I've been in the playoffs before" quality.
But as far as Danny Richmond leaving, there may be more to it than meets the balls.  Apparently, Luca Caputi was sent down to Wheeling because he twice violated a team rule.  No one knows what that means.  But rumor has it that Richmond was involved in the same rule-breaking that Caputi was.  H/T to JS for the pic.
And this is the only YouTube we could find on Adams.
Amidst your site crashing, you almost forget to see what other teams in the East did.
If you care enough about it, you already know, but here's the interesting ones.
Acquired Mark Recchi.
We smell a playoff series already.
Acquired Olaf Kolzig AND Martin Gerber.
Traded away Kotalik.
Acquired Dominic Moore and a Swedish goalie.
They have Erik Cole again.
Kidnapped Kyle McLaren and Daniel Carcillo.
Yes, that Daniel Carcillo.
Acquired Nik Antropov and Derek Morris.  Snore.
And just a reminder.  Be careful of your opinions on the Guerin trade.
P.S. — Gary Roberts never crashed a server.  Just sayin'.