There Will Be Blood Part 2. PENS WIN

First things, first.
Congrats to Geno Malkin. He has won the Art Ross scoring trophy. Incredible season.
This is the 13th time a Penguins has won the award.

We're going to be short because there doesn't need to be alot said.
The difference between playing Marty Biron or Marty Brodeur was Carey Price falling apart faster than Heroes.
What a joke performance. Have fun getting rocked by Boston.

The Canadians weren't even in the same league as the Pens tonight.
The Pens scored two short handed goals in the third period. One by Max Talbot, one by Legame.
Pascal Dupuis was out of his mind.
With the win, the Penguins will be facing the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs.
The Flyers play today. If they win, they get the home ice.
If they lose. Mellon Arena city.
You're hear some people say,  "I wanted the Flyers," or "The Flyers scare me."
Look, it is the NHL playoffs. We don't want the Pens to play anyone, we wish we could close our eyes and see them win the cup.
You're going to have to go through the Flyers eventually. From a pure hockey perspective, this is going to be a great series.
From a hate perspective, hold on to your ovaries.
Last Anthem pics of the regular season.
dmb, Elisa H, Carrol T.
Last year we made a sweet Anthem pic montage, we set it to some Van Halen song.
Well turns out Van Halen or Youtube got pissed, complained about us using the song, and removed the video.
This year reader TK made a video of an anthem pic of everygame, set to Jeff Jimmerson's national anthem:
Pretty sick stuff.
Thanks to everyone who sent pics in all year.
We just got our first chance to play with the Rinkotogoly bracket, and it is sick.
We saw some people asking in CBLOG. And yes, it DOES reseed itself.
We won't say what time it will be up tonight, because we are still debugging.
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Huge next few days. One From The Heart and Against the Odds Marathons coming soon.
Go Pens.
P.S. Happy Easter.