The Unit. PENS WIN.
Johan Backlund getting the start for Philly.
Wish he didn't get injured. Could've had some chicken-wing fun.
Newsflash: The big-time penalty killers for the Penguins will not be scratched at any time for the rest of the season, including the playoffs. So there goes the convenient "scratch Adams" crowd.
In the 9 games before this one, the Pens hadn't scored more than 3 goals in any of them. They only won 3 of those 9. Without the PK beasting the world like it has, the Pens would've lost all 9.
The PK is what's holding this team together.
Switching up the personnel is the last thing you want to do.
We don't know much.
The things we're experts in aren't things you put on résumés.
But we do know one thing…
MAF is coming around to his usual Spring self. If the PK can hold shit together long enough for the Pens offense to come around on a consistent basis, the Pens will once again be playing into May.
No FSN mention.
Don't know why it irks us so much.
ESPN recap mentioned it.
If you haven't listened to THE FAN yet, you might want to put it on whenever.
Good shit.
mark s
alex b
A couple minutes in, the red sea parts for Dupuis and he puts his sac into a shot.
The shot missed the net entirely and catapults the Flyers on a break the other way.
Aaron Asham puts one in from the fringe. 1-0.
Flyers were everywhere in the early going,
Claude Giroux holds MAF for some reason and heads to the box.
The ensuing PP gets booed.
If you booed, go fuck yourself.
Kennedy gets jobbed, and the Pens get another powerplay.
That powerplay went defcon mud, too.
The penalty expires, and before it can get 5-on-5 in the zone, Kunitz put home a Leopold rebound. 1-1.
Early in the second, Ville Homo plows into MAF. Flyers score off the scrum.
But the refs congregate and deem it no-goal due to incidental contact.
Nothing incidental about it, but we'll take it.
If Laviolette actually cared, he would've been throwing sticks and shit onto the ice.
Horrible coach.
Later, Mike Rupp hits Scott Hartnell.
What resulted was a Benny Hill moment.
Hartnell leans on his stick, it breaks, and he takes a header.
Pens get a chance from that, but nothing crazy.
Adam foreshadowed this play when he drew this in 1991.
What the fuck is going on with that stick.
Not the hit. But still great.
Finally, the Pens started learning how to break the Flyers forecheck.
Poni did some one-touch pass to Bing, who headed in with Dupuis.
Crisscross city, Sid shoots, Dupuis puts it into a wide-open net. 2-1.
300 goals on the year for Dupuis.
Debbie high-sticks MAF.
Rupp goes to the box. KILLED.
Cleaning out parents' attic this weekend.
Look at this shit that Adam drew when he was 7.
What is that guy on the bottom, second from the left, holding?
Best guess is that's Rick Martel holding his perfume sprayer.
Is that seriously Hulk Hogan.
To start out the third period, Brian Boucher took over from Bob Backlund.
McKee heads to the box.
Pens were on the way to killing that shit, and Pronger helps by jobbing Talbot.
On that 4-on-4, MAF throws his stick at Giroux coming in.
Should've been a penalty shot.
carter sucks
The Flyers were still in this game.
But then Matt Cooke took over.
Parent gets the stick into him and can't get it back out.
By the time anyone knows what's going on, Sid finds Feds in front. 3-1.
blah blah. Pens in the box again. KILLED AGAIN.
Flyers start being homos after the whistle.
Fedotenko puts home some insurance when Hartnell was being Manny. 4-1.