The Thin Blue Line. PENS LOSE.


The Penguins lost Brooks Orpik about 10 minutes into the game.
That is their second straight game of losing a top defenseman.
They are now without their top three defensemen.
To judge this team right now is irresponsible.
Judging Chris Bourque right now is as responsible as it gets.

The hockey world is gleeful at seeing the Penguins struggle.  It comes with the territory of being the defending Stanley Cup champions.  Injuries are never an excuse, but it’s getting to the point of ridiculousness. 

Despite losing yet another key cog on the blue line, this was a 1-0 game throughout.
The Pens dominated most of the second, and early in the third. Just could not score.
Fleury played a brillant game.


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If the Pens don’t score, we don’t recap.  New rule.
Deryk Eyngylgland played a hell of a game in his debut.  Made a couple mistakes, was physical city, and did not look lost for the most part. His line: 25 shifts, 19 minutes, 5 hits.

MAF was solid.  Made a few highlight saves.  Kept the Pens hanging around.

Pens haven’t scored a powerplay goal since Malkin went down,  0-21.   0-1 in this one.

Bruins blocked everything. They were in every lane.
Just before they scored to make it 2-0, they blocked a shot on a Pens scoring chance.
A taste of your own medicine.

Hard to dog Crosby.  24 shifts, 22:46 of ice time.
Chara had 25 shifts, played 25 minutes.
Every shift Crosby was on the ice, Chara in turn was on his balls.
Still, Crosby looks bored.

Kunitz-Staal-Guerin unit was effective.   Generated some scoring chances. We liked the move.
Everyone thought it was about getting Bing going, but it’s probably for Crosby to get Tenk going.

Still hate Mark Recchi.

Let us just say we thought the Ray Bourque interview on Versus was incredibly bad. 
First off, he called Jordan Staal “Eric.”

Second, he was campaigning for Chris Bourque to play in Boston at some point in his career.  Yeah, we get it — Ray Bourque is happy to see his
son play in the NHL. Well, so are a lot of dads.  Maybe we should start putting them all on TV.

Also, Chris Bourque played another joke game as far as we’re concerned.  He got worked over on the boards. He made a nice play to save a goal, but that was by pure coincidence.   The rink is small.  He’s bound to be in the right place at the right time eventually.  He played little under  10 minutes, and having to hear the wildly untalented color analyst give him verbal dome because Ray Bourque is in the vicinity makes us sick to our core.

And we’re getting e-mails and there are comments floating around about “Why do you hate Chris Bourque so much?”  We’d go into some dramatic re-enactment of that scene from A Few Good Men, but Chris Bourque isn’t even worth the time.

Why shouldn’t we hate him?  He has played 10 games in the NHL.  He is a -3, and has one point.   To be fair, he is still a young 23, and could probably benefit from some development in the Pens system.   But he sucks.

The Pens will eventually waive him because he sucks so bad.
Then he’ll sign with Boston and score against the Pens every game.
That kind of shit happens.

The Crosby Pee On Me Photoshop Expo will run Thursday morning.
So send some shit in.
Go Pens.