The Summer of Woooooo


The Pens won the Cup.

Every now and then we wake up and remember that.

This has been a summer of celebration.
Not just for the team, but for all of the fans as well.

It's the Summer of Woooooo

You may have noticed that our banner has been the same for a while.

It's time for a new one.

Send us a photo of you celebrating this summer.
You could be at home, at the beach, at a bar or halfway around the world on your vacation.
It doesn't matter.

If your photo has anything related to the Pensblog (a sign, a shirt, a crude Charlie stick figure drawn with crayons) in it, it could be our new banner.

We'll post the photos throughout the summer and use our favorites as banners.
We'll put up a new banner each week and you could be in it.

Send your photos to:

Otherwise we'll lose them in our Gmail.