The Playoffs Are Great

One of the best things about the first round of the playoffs is that there are several hockey games on every night.
Once each series gets to game three the emotions start flowing and the games get interesting.

Which brings us to Rule 6 of our Playoff Manifesto:
Home Ice Bounce Back

Pens fans saw this first hand yesterday.
Once a team loses two games on the road they know losing game three will likely end the series.

Once they're back at home they pull out all the stops, desperately trying to save their season.
Their backs are against the wall and the home crowd is always loud.


Chicago at Calgary tonight at 9:30.
If you haven't seen the "C of Red" you haven't lived.
Whether or not you like the Flames, their playoff crowds are legendary.

Rule Six is in effect tonight.


Bet on Red.

("Red" means Calgary in this case… yes, we know both teams wear red.)

Bring Back the Screen





Caps and Rags and Habs and Bruins on right now.

Playoff hockey is like nothing else in the world.