The Piece: “I told Ray in our exit meeting that I’d give Pitt the last shot.”

No idea what is going on in the world.
Billy Mays died, so did a bunch of other famous people.
And most extraordinary, Ron Cook wrote an unbelievable column about "The Piece' Rob Scuderi.[PG]
After the jump, some unreal quotes from the column.
Some unreal quotes from everyone in Cook's column. We are sitting down to write the Pens free agent preview, and quite honestly we were set on Scuds leaving. Not because of anything other than the Pens can't afford him, and they have to much depth on the rise.
But still, we have the Pens still signing another Defenseman in free agency to replace Gill. You wonder if the Pens could get Scuds at 2 million if it might work.
Some quotes:
"I've never been the type to just chase the money," he said. "I've seen too many guys go for the highest contract and end up in a bad situation and be completely upset for three or four years. I don't want that happening to me. It's no fun going somewhere and losing, especially after you've been spoiled playing here. That would be just miserable."
How cool is that? Ryan Malone =stunned.
"By far, the best situation for me is staying in Pitt," he said. "I know how I fit in here. I know my role. And I want to be a part of another winner. Just because we won this year doesn't mean I'm going to shut it down. I want to win again. I know they can do that here for a long time. With the young core they have — especially the centermen — and the system they have and the way they run the organization, it's hard to imagine them not having long-term success."
This next quote is the best from Shero:
"When I first got here and found out he had a one-way contract, I was like, 'Are you kidding me?' " Shero said. "But he just kept improving. Now, I wish I had signed him for three years instead of two [after the '06-'07 season for a $1.425 million]."
The column winds up with this telling quote:
"We'll see what happens," Scuderi said. "I told Ray in our exit meeting that I'd give Pitt the last shot. I'll take him the offer I'm most comfortable with and say, 'How close can we get?'
This won't be the last time we say this. If Scuds does leave, no matter where he goes. When he comes back to the Mellon. He is getting a standing O.
Go Pens.