The Olympics Are Good

Our stance from day one has been to not post personal pictures.
Even back in 2006, when we were getting three e-mails a month all from the same Indian lady who had AIDS and wanted our credit-card number, we refused to place any personal pictures here.
While every other website jumps at the chance to become TMZ.
Very disappointing and very cheap.
And then when word gets around that some pictures made to the internet, the first reaction could very well be, "I bet they're on the Pensblog."  That makes us vomit.
Deadspin is a joke.  They posted a picture of Malkin being a dude last week and they said it was from February of this year.  We correct them on it, that the pic has been around for well over two years, and all they can do is throw a bitch fit in return.
They sure do miss Will Leitch.
Actually, every Deadspin reader does.
Jesus.  What are we even talking about?
The Pens just won the Cup.
Guess what is taking place during the 2009-2010 season?
The Olympics in Vancouver.
Guess who is a three-time U.S. olympian in hockey?
1998, 2002, 2006.
Guess who might want to add a Gold Medal to his legacy?
Oh man.
what a jacket