The Night They Turned The Lights Out In Boston. PENS WIN.

The Boston fans went from booing Cooke to booing their own team.
The Penguins whipped out their balls, and they whipped them all over the Bruins, their fans, and their building.  Other than the X morning show with Tim Benz, it's hard to imagine a bigger, more disappointing three hours for people.
There appears to be a giant rat in the background. And that dude with his hand in his pocket?
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If we were Bruins fans, we'd probably light ourselves on fire.
What a gutless, uninspired effort. Thank God Marc Savard isn't alive to see it.
But that doesn't surprise us.
No one even came to Savard's defense two weeks ago when it happened.
The next time anyone hears anything from the Bruins, it will be at the draft. For all their crowing, the Boston media looks even dumber than it normally does. Some guy actually found a way to make the Cooke/Savard hit about Crosby.
Want to know where the Boston media's minds are?
They gave Shawn Thoronto the number-3 star in this game…for fighting Cooke.
So now the Boston faithful can pull out their pics of Larry Bird and rub themselves down in fading memories.
As for the Pens, looks like we read our Mayan calendar wrong.  One day off.
A great recovery game for MAF. Only made 17 saves.
But if one goes in during the first ten minutes, it's a whole different game.
And the game brought us a new nickname:
This could be 6, but first tiebreaker is wins.
Pens have 42 wins.  Atlanta has 30 with 12 games left.
Tiebreakers are wins, then points earned head-to-head, then goal differential head-to-head.
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allison r.
Shawn Thornton comes out and challenges some guy named Cooke to a fight.
Kudos to Cooke for stepping up and fighting.
But he didn't go as far as removing his visor for Thornton.
Not sure why people are saying that the Bruins got revenge on Cooke.
He's the one that went out and took on the first challenge.




That Hines Ward fan was probably looking for a holding penalty.

After that things settled down, some Bruin went to the Candy aisle by mistake.

Mark Reechi tried to make some move, but he lost his AARP card and had to stop and go back and get it.

The Pens took a penalty a little bit later.

Too many men. Something liberating about searching "homo midgets" in google.

The Pens penalty kill comes up huge again, and gets some help from the posts as well.
Sometime after that, Cooke came out of the box, and his team applauded him.
That's all you need to know about that.
The Pens springboarded the momentum with a scoring chance.
Tenk makes a nice pass to TK.
TK pump-fakes Rask.


TK's first goal in like 300 games.

No, we don't work for the Pens now.

picture 15

Backteching with a perspective of the Consol Scoreboard:



Second period.
Time for the Bruins to atone for a so-so first period.
For some unreal period of time coming out of the gate, the Pens outshot the Bruins 12-0.
Would've been 13, but Dupuis somehow misses a one-timer in front.
But then Vladimir Ruzicka was able to float in a shot from the slot.
Teams traded PPs.
Pens PP looked okay, considering Malkin wasn't lurking.
Then just when it seemed the entire city of Boston would fall asleep…
the Giant Gonzalez takes on Mike Rupp.
But that started a parade to the box for the Bruins.
First one gets killed.
Then the second one gets k–
As you wish.  Poni up.  2-0.
It seemed like a fitting end to the period.


Mark, look behind you.
5 minutes in, the Pens sent Bruins fans home, where Bill Belichick was waiting to tape them having sex.
3-0. An assist away from the homo hat trick.
What a shot.
Bruins really showed their disinterest in the third period.
Couldn't even outshoot the Pens.
Then Raymond Bourque took a penalty.
Whoops.  Wrong uniform.
JLeo cracks the door open a little bit when he goes to the box.
Bruins answer with nothing.  MAF just doing whatever it took.
The sign of an apathetic team?
Taking a too-many-men penalty late in a game.
Bruins killed it.  Too bad no one was left to watch it.
Does that Hulk guy ever sleep?
@DaBurghIT said Bruins personnel confiscated this shirt.