The Night They Drove Old Mellon Down. PENS WIN.

This video could've been all we needed to post:

How fitting that, in the last game in an arena that saw thousands of high-scoring games, we got one more.
The emotion that has been whatev all season…finally was back.
Perhaps in her dying days, the Mellon has flipped the switch.
Not only for the players, but for the fans, as well.
But who really cares about that.
All you need to watch is this:
Kudos to the Pens for that.
Our favorites:
The goaltenders union.
Wregget, Pieterangelo, Warren Young, and Giles Meloche.
Just incredible.
Larry Murphy and Paul Coffey coming out together.
Gary Roberts.


But other than 66, we thought the most emotional appearance was Craig Patrick.
That was the moment that got us. Just really good stuff.

As for the game itself, it was close.  A 2-1 game.  Islanders all the momentum in the world.
Then Malkin picks off a pass, turns Biron into french toast.  3-1 all of a sudden. Game-changing.
And MAF was cash, and finally the Pens pulled away in the end. That's a familiar recipe.
Crosby looked to have his 50th goal of the season.
Bbut the goal was righfully given to Broadway Bill Guerin.
Now the Pens take to road for the final two games.
The chance of winning the division is very much alive.
Down in Matlock city, the Devils laid a huge egg against the Panthers.
Epic shit going down between the Rangers and Flyers.
They are doing a home-and-home this weekend.
Montreal lost to Carolina, preventing them from clinching.
All we know is this. If the Pens finish fourth, it is the Senators.
If they win the division, it could honestly be anyone.
If you are the Caps, do you really want to see the Rangers again? Interesting.
No recap after the jump, but every pic we've gotten of the Mellon last night goes up.

Forgive us if your name is spelled wrong.
Inbox looks like Waco.
The golden ticket gets you in:

[Matt S]

You can now meet the Hulkster and the crazy beer guy:

[Chris D]

Team pic:

[Matt S]





Kevin P.

[Blueline 1925]

Last anthems:











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picture 7

Thought this was pretty cool from reader Stephen C:

I live in DC now, so unfortunately I didn't get to attend, but my friend Kristin did, and sat right next to the sin bin.  I paired her picture with the one from my TV.





Someone is now selling knockoff Pensblog shit outside of the Mellon:

Very unfortunate for some poor homo that Stephen S has all of his shit copyrighted.

This is not our stuff.  It's Stephen's.

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Who cares.  It's a celebration.