The Men Who Stare At Goals. PENS WIN.
Greg M. saw this from the PG and sent it along:
“The Penguins often end practice with a shootout, which serves a purpose as a drill but also usually provides some fun. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, who sometimes gets a little silly, really put on a show with unconventional moves as players bore down on him. A few times, he did a spin. He stopped defenseman Sergei Gonchar after one of those. Other times, he did a couple of quick pushups. Once, he turned his back to defenseman Mark Eaton and, looking over his shoulder, still made a stick save.”
Fast-forward to last night.
Claude Giroux comes flying down in the shootout all pumped up.
MAF fakes a poke-check. Giroux shits himself.

MAF faked a friggin poke-check. When Giroux was in the high slot.
Goalies don’t do that. That is where MAF is at right now.
Look for that poke-check when he faces Yomoshimi Tokagura on a breakaway during mop-up duty against Japan in February.

How demoralizing is this for the Flyers?
They probably played their best game in a while.
They controlled Bing and Geno to an extent.
They slowed down the Pens offensive game enough.

But they couldn’t solve Marc-Andre Fleury.

And so another wrinkle to the world champs is shown.
In, really, his first steal of the season, MAF was all business.
Three years ago, the Pens lose this game in the third period.

Last night, MAF stands his ground and basically owns the game.
Pens get 4 out of 4 points against the Flyers in a home-and-home.
Take that any day of the week.
And now a big time game in Buffalo on Saturday night against the Sabres.
It may not feel like a rivalry game, but it changes once the puck drops at HSBC.
It always does.
Fred Deuschle
easy e
Right off the bat, the pace was all business.
Crosby gets jobbed by Pronger going to the net.
Can Pronger even skate? Best thing is he’s only going to get slower.
The cheers don’t rain down for some reason when Crosby falls to the ice.
Flyers fans were probably still beating off to Kate Smith.
Kunitz almost puts one home on that first shift, too.
Then Carter comes down the other way and gets a bounce. 1-0.
Hartnell and Carter touch each other after the goal to show everyone they’re friends.
Chris Pronger approves.
Dupuis blocks a shot and goes off to watch the Dexter season finale.
He comes back later in the period.
Carcillo showed he was still a lunatic when he runs Crosby after he dishes off the puck.
Crosby does the obligatory gamesmanship that every NHLer does with a high stick, and it was PP time.
Carcillo’s jokedation comes back to haunt the Flyers.
Broadway Bill slides onto the scene, keeps the puck alive.
Geno gets it to the net. Bill picks up the trash. 1-1.
He wasn’t even supposed to play.
Brent Johnson approves.
Ron Cook goes to see what Bruce Arian’s sac thinks of the big fight.
TK took a penalty in there somewhere.
After it was killed, he joined Staal and Cooke on an unreal shift.
Surprisingly, the Flyers escape the onslaught without going to the box.
Instead, they just waited till they were on offense.
Carter does a drop pass and elbows Goligoski in the mouth. So strange.
Pens get nothing on that PP.
The rest of the period consisted of Steiggy and Errey talking about Fleury’s save on Carter in Game 2.
They said it changed the series around.
We’re still partial to Fleury’s save on Gagne in the waning moments of Game 6.
Errey has Lemieux’s phone number.
From Sean Conboy of the website [Pulling No Punches].

On Friday, December 18, 2009, Central Catholic High School will retire Paul Sciullo’s jersey at a special commemorative ceremony. All Pittsburghers are invited to attend and show their support for the Sciullo family, who will be on hand.

The ceremony will take place before Central Catholic’s game against Pine Richland at the BladeRunners Ice Complex in Harmarville at 8 p.m. Click here for Google Maps directions.

Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for students. Central Catholic’s portion of the ticket sales will be donated to the Paul J. Sciullo II Memorial Fund, a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to Central Catholic students.

Read the wonderful profile on Officer Sciullo here.[link]
Early into the second period, Malkin trips Parent.
Flyers take advantage. Carcillo gets it to the net. Giroux goal.
If the Flyers had more players like Giroux, they’d probably be okay. 2-1.
Instead they have players like Scott Hartnell and Dan Carillo.
The Flyers looked like they could take a commanding lead on a powerplay later in the period.
But Scott Hartnell takes a penalty by hooking Jay Mckee for no reason.
There is no way the Flyers don’t trade Hartnell. It is coming.
Then the Pens go to work. The powerplay is nasty.
And it helps that Pronger gives the puck to Crosby.
Guy second row up.
That’s what it looks like when you realize that no matter what you do or say. Sidney Crosby owns your life.
Then Jeff Carter decides to send the puck over the glass.
Wow. Just no care in the world. Does whatever he wants.

Whatever he wants.

The Pens don’t do anything on that PP because they couldn’t believe they were on it again.

MAF made some big saves to round out the period.
Including some glove save. Maybe that was in the first period. Who knows.

And Tenko embarrasses Pronger then takes a Coburn elbow in the mouth.

Flyers crowd boos for some reason.
Charlie has some things to get off his chest.
Friday night.
During the 17-minute intermission, you couldn’t sit still.
The third period was going to be insanity.
It didn’t disappoint.
It started off a little slow, but Orpik gave Gingerballs some free candy that set off some fire fireworks.
Ginger Retard then tackled Malkin.
Halfway through, Carcillo sees his cue and starts running people.
He jumps at a Penguin near the boards. The fans cheer.
Is Mike Richards still alive? Anyone see him? At least A.O. is fun to hate because he is dangerous.
No one is afraid of Mike Richard’s game.
Anyone else notice that play in the second period where Crosby backcheck-owned him and then he was too lazy to chase Crosby down?
Yeah, he was at the end of his shift, but he made a “F that” motion with his hands.
James van Riemsdyk is pretty decent.
It will be nice when the Flyers trade him.
He generated all kinds of shit, but MAF was locked in.
In his own right, Boucher was decent, too.
He had some luck on his side, though, when Bing couldn’t finish a tic-tac-goal.
After that, the game settled down. Both teams wanted the point.
With like under a minute to play, Malkin came flying in the zone.
Ginger retard flew at his legs as Malkin flipped the puck in the air.
You can almost feel the collective asses of those people in the background getting tighter.
Malkin doesn’t score. OT.
As soon as OT starts, Candy murders Carcillo with a slash.
Somehow Carcillo gets a penalty. Hilarious.
3-on-3 hockey ensues.
It was supposed to open the game up. Not.
Probably the worst two minutes of North American sports in 2009.
Both teams were playing for the shootout. Richards almost did something, but he realized he sucks.
So the game heads to the shootout.
Games like this are an example of why it is stupid to give a point just for OT.
But we hate ties even more.
First up for the Flyers is Little Debbie Briere. He falls apart.
Everyone agrees he should be euthanized.
Legame for the Pens. He tears Boucher’s hamstring.
Nasty, nasty move. 1-0.
Giroux for the Flyers, MAF fakes the poke-check.
Giroux pooped on himself.
And here comes Sid.
Emo Girl on the left already knew it was going in.
Flyers fans basically bent over and took this one.
Bing fanned on the shot.
Still goes in.
Suck it.
Gotta love that kid on the left.
Game. Friday.
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