The Mega Powers That Be. PENS WIN.

If you want to know the heartbreak that can come with counting your chickens before they hatch, share a beer with Marty at your local pub.
He will tell you the story of when he did his wife and she laid 7 eggs.
They went to Home Depot and started buying shit for a nursery.
They come back home to see the farmer eating pancakes and scrambled eggs.
Marty was never the same.
Is this a time for reflection?
Anyone care to go with us back to the beginning of February?
When life was mud?
And here they are, one win away from a return trip to the Finals.
The Prince of Wales will be in the building Tuesday night.
Malkin and Crosby each continued their personal assaults in Game 3.
Malkin with a three-point night.  Bing with a two-point show.
Together they have combined for 54 points in the playoffs.
Carolina goalie Cam Ward has now given up 11 goals in two games.
He is completely overwhelmed and possibly suicidal.
But this series is not over yet.
A furious Carolina 4-game comeback would fit nicely into their playoff theme.
And how fitting will it be on Tuesday night?
Bill Cowher will be in charge of getting the crowd and the Hurricanes ready
to attempt the comeback before the game.
Bill Cowher in a potential Championship game for the opposition.
We'll take that every day of the week.
Go Pens.
Tried to get them all, but forgot some.
Brando, PQ, ww35mm, Jamison, etdwn, Ikedawg, The greek,
Ryan Davis, noname, Dgrmaft, Acewile, TimD, Jimb
RBC was loud as balls.
If you didn't know the Canes were gonna score first, you're in the wrong place.
1-0.  Steve Cullen.

Crosby touches the puck for the first time.  No boos.
The fans have learned from Philly and Washington.
They knew Bing was gonna own them eventually.

A Hurricane went to the box.
No one knew who…or how.
Didn't matter.

Puck flutters into the Canes zone.
Gleason vomits on himself, Malkin holds his hair back.   1-1.
Large contingent of Pens fans in attendance.
Bringing Terrible Towels to away games is not a foul.  It has to be done.

That goal took the crowd out of it for a while.
And the Canes weren't around, either.

Erik Cole decides to elbow Kunitz and goes to the box.
Paul Maurice doesn't like it.   wahhhhhh
Erik Cole is a coward.
The Canes kill that penalty, and the crowd was back into the game.

Job job job.

Late in the period, the Canes were starting to bring some heat.
After a couple of swarms, the Pens got it out of the zone with numbers.

Kunitz gets it to Guerin, who does some NHL 09 move to receive it in stride and onside.
If you've been watching the Pens longer than two weeks, you knew where that puck was going when you saw Bing enter the zone.
Guerin right on the tape to Bing's backhand. 
That fist in the air is Tommie Smith/John Carlos of our generation.
Team Pensblog on XBOX re-created the play:
Team PS3 could not be reached for comment.
They were too busy winning games.
Eric, Joe, Chris, Yan, Zulu with the assist.
Wookie sucks at Pitkanen.
Syniper is a quitter.

Like 30 seconds later, the Pens enter the Canes zone again.
Fortuitous bounce off the linesman, right to Geno's stick.
No clue how Malkin gets to glide in untouched.
Innocent forehand shot.
Geno's arms raised act as the goal light for the TV audience.
No, you cam't

If this was the regular season, and given Cam Ward's 6-goal performance in Game 2 and this 3-goal first period,
we wouldn't have seen him between the pipes to start the second.

But you can't take Cam Ward out.
If world-class players are beating him, his backup will be beaten, as well.
Cam Ward gave them their best chance.
Talbot had like 30 chances this game.
He was drunk.

The Canes knocked the puck out of play, and the Pens jumped on the PP.
At the start of those 2 minutes, you could say Carolina's season was on the line.

And they killed it.
It was time for the Canes to feed off of it.
The crowd just wasn't there for them.

It just wasn't looking good for the Canes when Adams-Talbot-Tenko were buzzing and got like 4 quality chances.
That line goes off, and Crosby's line jumps on.  Scary.

All the while, the Canes were knocking on the door.
They were desperate.  They had to be.
MAF misplays a harmless shot and it flutters wide.

Anyone have anything meaningful to say about the rest of the second?
Kunitz-Bing-Guerin go nuts at the end of the second. Great shift.

What you didn't want to happen to start the second period, happened.
The Canes chip a puck past MAF.  3-2.
Cam Ward has stolen the show so far in this series.
But for the wrong reasons, as far as a Canes fan is concerned.

The Pens were officially no longer on cruise control.
It was a game again.  The fans were back.

Malkin springs Talbot on a breakaway.  What a pass.  Big-time save.
All of a sudden, Cam Ward's miracle performance all game came into focus.

It was back and forth for a while until Scott Walker pulls an Erik Cole.
Walker leaps into the boards to buy the call and hurts himself.
It works, as the Canes get a PP.
"…and Men."

But the Pens kill it.

The 10:00 commercial break meant Father Time was in the house.

Back and forth, back and forth.
Larose gets dropped in front of MAF, and the Pens head the other way.

Malkin drop pass to Tenk is illegal in 13 states.
That shot is why Fedotenko is in the NHL. 
On the TV broadcast, there is an unreal two-handed high five by two Pens fans.
It started getting chippy as the clock wound down.

Eaves gives Staal a People's Elbow.
First time we remember seeing Staal injured on the ice.
Then Malkin drops some joke.
Pens head to the box for something because Bill McCreary has been too quiet.

Nobody cared about the delayed penalty.  All you saw was Malkin hunched over.
Oh, no, not the shoulder.
Thankfully (thankfully?) he only gets a close shave on his ear or neck with Cullen's skate.
Carrot may be the only one who can confirm this.
But is that scar on his left cheek new?
Canes pull Ward.  Nothing seemed to change.
Patch Adams from downtown.
Bill Guerin finished off the scoring with a backhand reminiscent of Murphy scoring that 8th goal against Minnesota.
Haircut coming.