The Bus Heads To Yahoo

There has been a storm brewing ever since the year has turned.
It will contuine to brew for years.
It will go on and on. Nothing will ever be solved.
So why waste time commenting on it?
Because it's 1:00 am on Tuesday morning and we don't know what else to do.
Greg W., a.k.a. PUCK DADDY, is a beast.
He is a professional journalist who has found
the right medium and the right style to talk with hockey fans. Solid human.
A recent post of his explored why Sidney Crosby is hated around the league.
It included a documentary video of sorts.
In the video, he asks Penguins fans in Washington certain questions about Crosby.
The video is after the jump.
And it's quite insulting on numerous levels.
The easy criticism on Sidney Crosby is he's a whiner, a baby, blah blah blah.
It's so easy to do, much like saying Greg writes about Bing to fish for website hits.
It probably isn't fair when you're easily labeled as something.  Ironic.
Sidney Crosby sells, so write about him.  Fine. But the minute you start portraying random Penguin fans to speak for an entire fanbase, then that's when we have a problem.

And it is not to say that any of these people in the video really said or did anything to misrepresent Penguins fans on the whole.  The idea is genuine, but it's a weakly veiled attempt to humiliate Penguin fans.  Remember: Puck Daddy is a Devils fan.
Case in point.
This guy was interviewed:
Out of the millions….mmmmhaaaa….and the millions of the Pens fans in Washington for a Caps game, Greg grabs this guy, two old ladies (who he subsequently jobs in his narration), a guy in a penguin suit, and some dude that was wasted.
Come on.
We're itching to see which interviewees were left on the cutting-room floor
because they didn't play into the stereotype needed for the docu-video-mentary.
PUCK DADDY has definitely slanted towards catering to Crosby haters.
95% of his readers are in that boat.  You can't blame him.
The worst part is the Crosby angle has adversely affected any talk of Malkin.
Isn't he leading the league in scoring?
Some pro-Crosby sentences are put into the posts to squash any question of bias.
But those sporadic thoughts are more worthless than Will Ferrell.
After the jump, you can watch this documentary video,
which has a familiar conclusion; yet another reason we are jacked.
Also, Pensblog reader SNYPER sends along the e-mail he sent to Greg.
First off, the video.
Running time is about 8 minutes.


When you walk up to someone, you make an immediate connection between their looks and what their answer is going to be. That is all this was. It is insulting to the highest degree imaginable, and hopefully Sean Leahy had nothing to do with it.





ending is what really shocked us, being that we sort of said it before.

In our future book "Everything Would Be Better If It Were Like Pro Wrestling in the '90s," we'll devote a few chapters to how turning into a heel benefits your career and any impotence issues you may be dealing with.
The best precedent for this is The Rock.
Think about his rise to stardom in the WWF.
He started off as a lovable joke in the Nation of Domination, degrading himself to levels of buffoonery because Vince McMahon knew he had the skills to pay the bills.
Speaking of McMahon, he always knew how to mold a wrestler into an icon.  So The Rock was turned into a heel. He started going after the fans and cutting unreal promos.  By going against the grain, he became the grain.  It is painfully obvious that this is what Lemieux and Shero have to do to Sidney Crosby.
People have grown to hate Bing because he is a good-natured guy who was made into the face of the new NHL. Everyone now loves A.O. because he is the anti-Crosby. He has no pressure on him.  This is where Bing needs to turn heel. In his next interview session, he needs to drop F-bombs and maybe even hit someone, possibly Rob Rossi or preferably Rich Walsh, with a steel chair.

We can see it now…

Sidney, talk about this devastating loss to the New York Rangers.
We're on a first name basis now, Kevin Kelley?
I'm Darren Dreger.
Can you elaborate on what your team can do to stem the tide during the race to the playoffs?

Well, what do you think The Bing should do?
It's simple.  You just have to —

[ knocks the microphone out of Dreger's hand and pees on it ]
Listen, Dreger, you roody-poo, candy-ass jabroni. The Bing is tired of catering to the lowest common demoninator and toting the company line for the millions….mmmmhaaaaa….and the millions of dollars given to The Bing for The Bing's endorsement deals.  This is the new age of The Bing.  I rule my Bingdom.  The Bing is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.  If ya smell-lalalalalalalalowwwwwww what The Bing is cookin'.
Good God!! Stone Cold!  Stone Cold!
Business is about to pick up!
What follows is one of the epic matches in the history of America.  The Bing and Stone Cold go toe-to-toe, exchanging roundhouse rights and fists of fury.   Owen Hart dies.  This impromptu brawl sets The Bing into a frenzy.  He takes the padding off the ends of the benches and runs players into it.  He knocks refs out, throws the puck into the net, drags the ref over to the net, and wakes him up.
He baits players into chasing him through the lower recesses of Mellon Arena.
Just when it looks like they will get him, henchmen Godard and Biz Nasty hit them with a car.
During a big-time home game against Philly, Crosby isn't on the ice to start.  In the middle of a Philly powerplay, the lights go out.  All you hear is the ominous toll of a bell.  And then you hear it again.  The Mellon Arena pyrotechnics go into overdrive as a plume of purple smoke rises from the Pens runway.
After the game, he ties Macho Joke Mike Richards to the ice and has a snake bite him.
Fast-forward to the playoffs.  Game 7 in Montreal.   Overtime.  Mike Komisarek puts The Bing into a cross-faced chicken wing.  Referee Rob Schick blows the whistle and calls Toronto.  It counts as a goal.  The Pens season ends.
Unable to overcome the infamous Montreal Screw Job, The Bing is relegated by popular culture to retire from hockey and act in a bunch of movies of varying success.  Some girl puts ex-lax in his Gatorade before he goes scuba-diving. A shark bites him as he craps everywhere, and he dies.  At least the Pens made the playoffs.

If you want that post in video form, watch Greg's video.
Here is SYNPER's e-mail.
It may differ somewhat from what we're talking about.
But anyone who writes this much deserves to have it shown.


I know you're just stirring up controversy around Sidney Crosby to generate ad sales, but your piece on Crosby was absolutely incorrect. Every team has a bunch of fans who should not be quoted. We can't help we have a few idiot fans who live in other cities that dress up like penguin fans who just jumped on the bandwagon or fans who know nothing about hockey. How about targeting the guys who write for about their opinion on Crosby. Seth Rorabaugh of Empty Netters is an absolute expert. The knowledgeable Penguin fans will give you better analysis than "I like him because he is the best in the world." or "I like Crosby because he is good."

About Crosby being a villain… he doesn't care what the opposing fans think. You talk about Ovechkin's passion.The only reason you have any controversy over this "whiner" BS is because he does care. Crosby is the smartest player in hockey. The reason he talks to the refs is because he knows the rules better than they do. The reason he talks to the refs is because wears the C. That's his job. If you would actually watch a game where Crosby might happen to talk to a ref, I assure you there is a good reason for it. If he did not stand up for himself or his team, he would not be doing his job.

Society tend to bring the bigger man down. Now with the internet, it seems to snowball faster than when Gretzky cried to the refs back in the day. Fortunately for him, he did not have to deal with Puck Daddy & the other hundreds of blogs that have thousands of readers calling him "Whine Gretzky."

Have you actually ever watched the guy play? I challenge you to write something about him that is true.

You should do a piece on how physically strong he is when fighting for pucks off the boards.  You can have videos of the hundreds of ridiculously amazing plays he made that did not result in a goal.  Or how he took a pay-cut that allowed the Penguins to build a team around him.

You could also right about the programs he started with Dick's Sporting Goods that allows kids to play hockey who can't afford it.  You can also write about him visiting the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh several times a season.  You can also write about the charity box he owns in Mellon Arena that he gives to charity organizations for each game.

You can also write about the little things he does for the fans like delivers pizza to people in the student rush line or he hand delivers tickets to season ticket holders.  You could write about how he should have won the MVP award this year had he not been injured off and on all season and if he had a scoring winger on his line (Kunitz and Guerin) instead of grinders (Dupuis & Talbot).

You could write about his potential, he is only a few games away from re-taking the point leader and challenging the MVP.  You could write about how Crosby has 1.38 pts/g as compared to Ovechkin's 1.28 pts/g and Malkin's 1.26 pts/g  You could write about Crosby having a full season with a scoring winger next year… No Contest… AO who?

Oh, BTW, Have you ever been in a fight? Fighting can be compared to being drunk. You only tend to remember the first couple shots. everything else blurs out from there. I really don't think Crosby went into that fight intending he was going to punch someone in the sack. Nobody talks about the abundant of cheap shot punches to the face many players get away with in just about every other game.

Then again, that does not feed the illogical hypocrites in your comments section. Most of those people do not watch him play every game. They see him on NBC, where he has been painted as the villain as well. They see him on your website where you act as if he had blindsided a star player away from the play, or boarding a player as he goes for a linechange, or charges on every hit he makes.

So while punching that guy from behind was wrong, a ton of other illegal plays get made everyday and overlooked by the media members such as yourself. Ovechkin's passion caused him to run Dustin Brown? Was it his love for the game that caused him to cheapshot Briere? At least tell both sides of the story. Crosby makes mistakes. All players do. But you never hear about other players mistakes due to the fact that Crosby bashing sells ad space and generates hits.

Crosby was bashed because he never dropped the gloves. He fights Andrew Ference and dominates the fight and gets bashed because he had his visor on.

Crosby tries to get his team going by fighting McLean who had been in discussions with Crosby about fighting.

Crosby attempts to settle a score with Marc Savard of the Bruins and Savard refuses because of Sid's visor. Sid removes his visor. People in the comments of your site then say things like "If Sid is really tuff, he could mix words with Thornton, Lucic, Stuart any of which would end his season if he wasn't wearing a visor." Complete idiocy.

One more Ovechkin comment: He is lauded as being a tough guy but he has one career regular season fight to his record. And it was when he turtled after cheapshotting Briere. How come nobody challenges him on that?


At the end of the day, this is whatev.
Some keyboard jockey from Yahoo will say,
"Oh, yeah, so afraid of Pensblog and all their dick jokes."
Our response, as always: