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The Best $25 You’ll Spend


Following behind previous Pens championship videos, "One From The Heart," and "Against the Odds," is no easy task.

We have watched those two videos at least 350,000 times. And like any great movie or documentary, each time we watch it we see something different.

So, when we sat down to watch the Penguins Championship DVD last night at the Waterfront the bar wasn't high, it was nearly unreachable.

But we have to say, the DVD surpassed a lot of our expectations, and while it will never be as good as the first two, it no question can hold its own.

The NHL gets a lot of flak from everyone, but all we can do is step back and really appreciate the access and overall fantastic look that this DVD gives us.

After the jump, just some random thoughts about the DVD, without giving too much away.





First off, kudos to the Penguins, Our boys Mikey and Bob from [96.1 Kiss FM], and Dan Klores Communications for hosting the cool event.
It is the first time we have ever had media passes and it was very different to take it all in.

We really don't do interviews or whatev, but we got to speak to some pretty interesting people, including Fan House's Adam Gretz and MVN's Matt Rudzki.
We were going to ask Letang and TK to play on our EASHL hockey teams, but didn't have the guts.


Our favorite part of the night was talking to the guy that guards the Stanley cup and Conn Smythe trophy.

There is an aura that surrounds those trophies is surreal.

Some random thoughts on the video:
  • First, the preview floating around is the opening:



  • The video is pretty standard in the format. Talks about last year, goes through this year, standard stuff.
  • Great behind the scenes stuff, great on ice audio. Kind of feel like you are seeing plays from angles you have never seen.
  • Hal Gill looks like a bond villain during the interview
  • Mark Eaton's goal in game six: special.
  • The narrator is a little robotic, but he does shockingly have a Earl Mann(Narrator of the previous championships DVDs) moment to start the Washington series.
  • There is audio of the Washington announcer after A.O gets a hat trick in Game 2, he flips out. "HE'S THE MAD HATTTERRR." Really strange.
  • There is a scene after Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals where the Red Wings enter the the dressing room after winning. To call it the world's biggest circle-jerk is an understatement.
  • Bill Guerin steals the DVD. He will be a lot of people's favorite player after the video comes out. He has some unreal lines.
  • Buries it.
We don't want to give it all away.

The DVD will grow into an all-time favorite, easily.
And that is all you can ask for.

Go Pens

P.S. The DVD is available pretty much everywhere, so just look it up.