The Ballad Of Marc-André Fleury. PENS WIN
We've all had virtuoso performances in our lives.
Driving to work on three hours sleep.
Finishing a 15-page term paper in the final 24 hours before its due.
Taking a huge dump with only three sheets of toilet paper.
In Game 4, Marc-André Fleury gave his virtuoso performance
in front of 18,000 lunatics on the grandest stage in sports.
And it was glorious.

He showed the Flyers what they don't have:
A semblance of goaltending.
But MAF's Game 4 performance was more than a semblance.
It was Fleury telling everyone that he can take this team wherever it wants to go.
The Flyers were in the right place at the right time all game.
But so was Fleury.
Now, like last year, the Pens can bury the the Flyers at home.
Thursday night. Mellon city.
Bring the noise.
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The game is delayed for a few seconds because Kate Smith's fat ass broke the jumbotron, again.
Just to get you in the mood, read this bizarre POST:
Seriously, we don't know what to say.
Flyer fans reach a level of moron that no one thinks is even possible.

Some joke hit the pipe behind MAF less than two minutes in.
Did the Philly crowd know this was Game 4?
Noticeably absent at the outset.

The teams then decided to cycle back and forth.
The Pens hard work results in a PP.
Carter's dive negates it like 8 seconds later. He hurts his hand. Richards rubs it for him.

The Flyers dictate shit on the 4-on-4, and Malkin goes to the box for a hook.
4-on-3 is never good news.
Pens kill it. What a kill by Staal.
Then the Pens kill the 5-on-4. Huge.

Fleury had to make save city on Claude Giroux.

The Flyers spent most of that first half of the period in the Pens zone.
Bad times.
MAF was flashing his game-long brilliance early and often.
what a gay caption

The Pens got their first chance that made you get out of your chair,
as Tenko got off a slapper that took an EASHL-esque bounce.
And as always is the case in EASHL, it doesn't go in.
Should have been a routine save but Biron made it into a joke.

Malkin and Parent went racing for a loose puck.
Malkin puts his arm out. Parent grabs it. Holding. What a call.
The Pens first powerplay was whatev and couldn't connect.
Then Staal and Guerin get to work. A rebound lays off the side of the net for two weeks…
Don't give up hope.  He's scoring thursday night.

Whatev whatev.
Cooke takes a penalty.
Big PK at the end of the period.
Solid road period.
We've been getting some e-mails from New York people
asking where the New York contingent meets up for Pens games.
And right on cue, we get a big-time email from reader MARK H.
He runs the [Meetup Penguins] site.
Check that out if you're up in NYC.
The Kunikaze — Calico Jack's
The Pens eventually kill the aforementioned penalty.
Emo Timmonen cuts himself instead of keeping the puck in,
and the Pens hit Cooke coming out of the box.

He jobs it into the zone, Kunitz grabs it.
Crosby drives the lane.
Goal every day of the week. 1-0.
time to eat apparently.
Read Steven's and Biron's comments about this goal at the end of the cap.
The momentum from that goal was seen on the next shift when the Pens drew a penalty.
The ensuing power play was nonexistent.
Gagne had a big-time chance, but MAF was on angeldust and said no.

After a big-time commercial break, the Pens were all business.
Matt Cooke was offside. Maybe he wasn't. Nobody cares.
Kennedy has the patience of Job (h/t Steiggy) and buries a backhand. 2-0.
Check out that 'roid monkey in the front row.
nice hat

Stevens looked like someone tea-bagged his mom.
After that, Knuble goes dive city, and Gill goes to the box.
Biggest PK of the series.
Had to keep the Flyers reeling down two goals.

Flyers fan boo their team when they can't connect.
But never fear.  They were getting another PP.
Hartnell gets positioning and does a power move. It never turns out well.
Gonch goes to the box.

Now, this is the biggest PK of the series.
Had to keep the Flyers reeling down two goals.
Never mind.
Richards and his leadership take it away.
Richards clearly trips MAF. What a mistake.
You want to talk about Bush League plays? Jesus.
Does Richards know this is the playoffs?
The Pens ensuing PP was all about not letting the Flyers score.
Don't even try to score yourself.
A Pens d-man, maybe Gill, plays the puck off the glass out of play.
Flyers fans boo?? Does that make any sense?

Hartnell takes an unrealistic run at Hal Gill at the end of the period.
Pens with a huge powerplay to start the thrid.
PUCK THE MEDIA's Steve Lepore says we have lost the battle with NBC.
No blog post about Steve losing the battle to male pattern baldness. wooo
:: Speaking of the screen, MATT S. e-mailed us
and reminded us that NBC wants to be seen as "going green."

Does that include making 3,000 people run their televisions as opposed to one screen?
Call a doctor.
We hurt our arm reaching.
If someone told you the Pens would be up 2-0 to start the third, you would have taken it.
Right off the bat, Bing hits the pipe at the start of the third. Shit.
Survivor blog.
The clock wasn't moving.
Eaton goes to the box.
We were all penalty killers.
There was a close call, but only because the goal judge in Philly is a homer.
Big deal.
Did anyone see Matt Carle dive on MAF?
Yeah, that's legal.
After the kill, the world starts to fall apart.
Carcillo tries some unreal dive.
Did he pretend he hurt his ankle?
Same shift, the Pens were going to the box again anyway.
Bizarre call.
Pens kill it. Spectacular save by MAF.
Around the end of the penalty, the hack organist tries to spark the CROSBY SUCKS chant.
But it was silent.

Nobody cared anymore.
What you feared all game finally came to realization.
Pens just couldn't get it out. 2-1.
Great goal celebration by Carcillo.
If you'd like to see it again, give a cookie to someone with down syndrome.
Just the facts.
The arena gets rejuvenated.
Playoff hockey.
The rest of the game was gonna be open as shit.
If the Pens wouldn't get into the flow of it instead of playing survivor, it was gonna be bad.
Father Time registered a Twitter account down the homestretch.
Fedotenko was everywhere this game.
Important shift by TK-Staal-Cooke settles things down.
With five minutes to go, the only adjective to describe things would be "suffocating."
The Chinese could have parked a destroyer in the middle of the Allegheny River
and no one was moving from their TV.
The Pens defense was only rolling five because Letang got slashed.
The Flyers were taking chances, and the Pens sprung Kunitz on a breakaway.
If you didn't stand up, why are you here?
Biron actually makes a save. Hack.
After what felt like hours, Biron was headed to the bench.
Loose puck. Pens come out with it.
Talbot from way downtown.
Did Bing say something to the crowd?
[thanks Kellie D] for the heads up.
We took this opportunity to send out an e-mail to our Flyer friends:
  • John Steven's on Bing's goal:

"Marty's got to be allowed to make a save," Stevens said. "He knocked Marty into the net. If he gets pushed into the net, it shouldn't be a goal."


"It's a dangerous play when you're kicking the puck around the crease for the goalie. It's a dangerous play when you're sliding in both feet first toward the goalie," Biron said. "I don't really like that. It's not the first time where he's done that and drives the net."

— Marty Biron

Did they watch the same game we did? Dangerous? Stunning.
  • Flyers 0 for 8 on the powerplay
  • 0 for 8.
  • 0 for 8.
  • 0 for 8.
  • suck it.
  • Devils stunned:
RJ Umberger stunned, again:

And lastly, the Blues are the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs:


We have to set some things straight.
Our Harry Kalas joke was eating at our conscience.
It is with clear heart and mind that we dedicate this victory to one Harry Kalas.
He was a great sportscaster,
He loved sports.
And he loved when the best team would win a game.
So, this one's for you, Harry.
Speaking of caskets:

It time for Richards to meet his maker.
bring it
Go Pens