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The Art Of The Stunned Pic 2008-2009


At its core, a good stunned pic is everything we believe in.
But what is a stunned pic?

It is a picture that captures other NHL fans at their lowest moment while giving us a good laugh.
It occurs when you are at a game, home or away, and the Pens score and/or win.
You take out your camera and snap a picture of a devasted fan in your general vicinity.


As technology has grown, you can now even take pics of stunned fans from your living room.
Who will ever forget this:


We have gone back and reviewed the season in stunned pics. And what a ride it was.

The season of stunned pics started slow but, as the Pens began their run, business picked up.

Behind the scenes, we have always wondered if the Stunned pic was going to jump the shark.
And maybe the ones of players has:

But while the player stunned pics are getting old, fan pictures never will.

It takes a perfect set of events to capture a stunned picture.
And, when done right, a stunned picture makes a game or moment so much memorable.

After the jump we look at different types of stunned pics,.
And we have our video tribute to the 2008-2009 stunned pics.






It was October 27, 2007.
We were at the Mellon when the Canadiens came to town.
We were being jobbed by these joke Canadien fans when we decided to fight back.

As this RECAP indicates, the Pens scored a goal and we ran over and took a pic.


That is the first stunned picture ever taken.

As the '07 season rolled on, the idea spread. The stunned picture became one of our calling cards.






Not effective for showing the devastion on the faces of other fans.
But it works in a sense of showing body language.
And it's obviously the only option to snap it.

See the slumped shoulders of these homos. A perfectly executed overhead pic.


This is one of the hardest pics to pull off.
You need a steady hand, and you also have to be ready to take a punch if the person sees you take it.
This picture is one of the highest risks, because you could miss or the picture could be blurry.
Well done here.
Looks to be an over-the-shoulder job. One of the best of the season.


Very simple pic here, but it still requires one to identify the object and sucessfully taking the picture.
If you are close enough, the side view can be the most powerful stunned pic.

Just a tremendous picture here.
The stunned pictures only get better if the people see you, look pissed, and are wearing a shirt like that.


Simply put, this is just turning around and taking a picture right in someone's face. It has the potentional to be the best because the person is not expecting it. It also can get you sucker-punched
This picture takes courage.


This is our favorite one because it takes the ultimate guts. To get right up in a dejected person's face and take a picture is so classless that it exhibits everything we are about.
Doesn't get much better.


As TV has given us more options, all this takes is having a DVR or TIVO handy.
These stunned pictures are only caught by producers or camermen.







We usually hate doing lists because they are gay.
But we had to do it.


The look on the lady's face is priceless. She either has no clue what's going on, or she is sick. The look on her husband is better — staring into the distance, wishing for a different outcome. Nothing is better than hopelessness.

Perfect pic. This guy clearly had a tough night. The look on his face is a smirk only a Devil fan could make.
He'll keep looking at the ice, hoping for a video review or something to change.
Who still wears jean shorts?

This next picture has a special place in our hearts due to the backstory of it.
If you recall, when the Pens played in Washington, a girl was responsible for starting the Sidney Crosby "Pacifier" movement. You can read about it here. [DC SPORTSBOG]

Well, guess who is number three?
That's right. Bitch face made it to Pittsburgh for game 4 of the Caps/Pens series.
And she got stunned.
Do words even do this pic justice? This was taken in Columbus.
As you're about to see, it was a special night in Columbus.


This isn't only number one this year, but this may be number-one of all time.
The pure devastation on this man's face is the benchmark.


If you'll recall last year we made a video of pictures from the season.
Well, the jagoffs that run youtube took it down.

So we uploaded it to a few different places just in case.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in stunned pics.





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