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What They Are Saying: The $98,000 Knee

“The suspension, which is without pay, is the first of Ovechkin’s career and means he’ll miss Thursday’s game against Florida and Saturday’s game in Philadelphia. He will forfeit $98,844.16 of his salary for the two games.”
What a paycheck.
We’re happy when we can desposit $20 in a First Niagra account.
When we first heard about the Alex Ovechkin kneeing incident, we felt nothing.  So it goes without saying that we weren’t surprised.  And a lot of other fans weren’t.  Maybe it is because the Penguins haven’t played the Caps this year, and maybe not.
Our sentiments toward Ovie are clear:  He is a Capitals player, so we despise him.  But he is hands-down the most exciting player in the National Hockey League.  If we had to convince a group of extraterrestrials that hockey is a fast-paced, high-energy sport in order to save the planet, we would show them Ovechkin.  Just as JAPERS RINK feels about Crosby, we don’t have a love fest for Ovechkin, but we respect the talent that is there.
Our feelings on the suspension:
Yes, he deserved it, and we hope he burns in Hell.
This is becoming a recurring theme for Ovie.  He goes for a hit, knows he won’t get it, can’t swallow his pride, and tries to stick his knee out in a last-ditch effort to avoid a fail.  People in every corner of Internet message boards and comment sections are talking about how Ovechkin better not change his game, since he’s seemingly the only player in the NHL to give 110% on every shift or something.  No clue how a blatant kneeing incident is proof of that.
And just have to say it:  Crosby and Malkin can’t play Ovechkin’s game.  Ovechkin can’t play Malkin or Crosby’s game.
It’s ridiculous to have comparisons anymore.
We decided to spare everyone the pain of watching a business card-sized YouTube embed of the hit before the jump.

There is also a growing sentiment on the Internet that we are behind 100%.
That Ovechkin drama-queened his injury to garner sympathy after knowing that he kneed Gleason.

He kind of went overboard with the writhing, the twisting, and the agape mouth.
If you want to enter all circles of Hell at once, go to this PUCK DADDY COMMENTS SECTION.

—– From CAPS NUT:

First of all, we think this was very much like the hit on Sergei Gonchar in the playoffs last year.  Tim Gleason saw the hit coming and jumped out of the way as A.O. was jumping in to make the hit.  If Gleason had taken the hit head-on, none of this would have happened.  However now A.O. is likely out with an injury and the because of the probation he earned because of last Wednesday’s game, he’s likely to be hit with a 10 game suspension on top of it.  No we’re not being snarky, sarcastic, or cute here.  We really think the NHL is going to throw the book at A.O. because as we all learned last April, the NHL’s discipline is arbitrary and capricious

Nice save by Caps Nut there.
Nothing like blaming someone else, though.


His knee-on-knee hits aren’t perhaps habitual quite yet, but two of them have now taken place in a span of little more than six months’ time, and they’ve showcased a certain recklessness to his game that demonstrates faulty judgment. We understand and appropriately celebrate Ovi’s once-in-a-generation level of skill and bravado, and we don’t want him to reign in his fantastic ferocity. But we want and need him to channel his checking aggression into well-managed warfare.

It is so weird to see Caps fans making sense on the Internet.


True, it is ugly, and can be a career ending hit. Moreover it can be done intentionally. But the replay clearly shows Ovechkin in the process of a check and the knee on knee just sort of happened. Additionally, take into account the fact that Ovie is generally not a “dirty” player and this hit is, by all accounts, accidental.

Our first chance to really blast the Bleacher Report. And it feels great.

However, we don’t know if they even wrote it.  But based on their history of stealing content from people, we don’t know who to blast.


—– And finally, via JAPERS RINK, Mama Ovechkin has this to say from SOVIETSKY SPORT:

“That defenseman Gleason should wear glasses when he’s out on the ice!” said mama Ovechkin indignantly. “So he can see what’s happening on the ice and have time to coordinate his moves. He even came back and played the rest of the game, and here Sasha could have been seriously injured.”

Very interesting.
Mama Ovechkin must have forgot about what A.O.  did when he was little:
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