The 6-Day Hate

Much is being said in Pens-fans circles about the Pens’ inconsistency.
Dan Bylsma nodded to it recently.
Pens need to hit their stride right about now.
Only fitting that it’s hate week.  Wings, Caps, and Flyers.
Arguably their three biggest rivals.
Shames us to say it, but we kind of lost the big picture during the playoffs last year.
–The Pens played their three biggest rivals.
–Twice, they started a series on the road.
–Twice, they had to dig out of a 0-2 hole.
–Twice, they won Game 7 on enemy ice.
–Talk about earning a Cup.  Jesus.

Tonight the Pens head to the Joe.
It’s a playoff game for the Red Wings.
Gonna be an intense affair, to say the least.
That’s the hard-hitting analysis we bring to the table.
From the YouTube in the post below.
Is that Tom Barrasso in the background?
Atlanta refuses to lose.
A Pens win tonight knocks this number down to 3.
An Atlanta loss Tuesday night against Boston shimmies this number down to 1.
We keep track of this magic number because we refuse to be spoiled.  This magic number is for those of us who acted like the Pens won the Cup when Morozov scored that OT goal against the Rangers.
Once this number reaches 0, we will be at peace with the world.
And all we’ll be thinking about is that first playoff game at Mellon Arena.
Mid-April.  The broadcast switches on at 7:30.  The excitement in Lange’s and Steiggy’s voice.
Sun shining through your curtains.  Some jobber neighbor is mowing his grass outside.
Those white towels waving.  Can’t fuckin wait.
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