The 20 Most Memorable Penguin Goals of the Decade: The Top Five

To end the 2000s, we've put together a list of the 20 most memorable Penguin goals of the decade.
If you haven't read part one yet, check it out here.
They're not necessarily the best goals or the most important goals.
These are 20 goals that you will remember when you sit back and think of the 2000s.
Today we are at the top five.
These five goals stand out from the hundreds of others scored over the past ten years.
They are the five most memorable goals of the 2000s.
Go Pens.
5. Jordan Staal: Shorthanded
There probably isn't a more important goal from the 2009 Stanley Cup Final than this one.
If the Wings score on that power play they take a 3-1 lead in the game and likely a 3-1 lead in the series.
The Cup goes back to the D.
Obviously that's not what happened.
For the first time, the Red Wings looked beat.
The Penguins looked like the better team, and they were.
Sure, the Wings would destroy them in game five, but this goal still turned the series.
4. Max Talbot: Stanley Cup Winner
It feels weird putting the Stanley Cup winning goal at number four, but that's where it is.
If this goal happens in overtime or late in the game, it jumps up the list.
The only thing against it was that, at this point in the game, no one knew that this was going to be the Cup-winning goal.
Talbot has scored a lot of big playoff goals.
He tied the game with seconds left the year before.
He scored the first goal in this game.
But none were bigger for the Superstar than this one.
3. Sidney Crosby: Winter Classic
No one outside of the Buffalo Sabres organization could have asked for a better ending.
It was the largest audience for a regular season hockey game in years.
Over 70,000 fans stood in the snow as Sidney Crosby skated to center ice.
On television it looked as though they were playing in a snow globe.
At first it was difficult to tell that it went in, but once people realized their reactions were amazing.
The overwhelming success made the Winter Classic an annual event.
2. Petr Sykora: Calling His Shot
Red Wings fans were chanting "We Want The Cup" when Max Talbot scored to send the game to overtime.
Hours later they were still at it.
Then Sykora broke the tie and sent the series back to Pittsburgh.
The series didn't end well for the Penguins, but every fan remembers where he or she was when Petr Sykora scored in the middle of the night in June 2008.
1. Mario Lemieux: The Comeback
Another situation that came right out of a storybook.
Mario Lemieux comes out of retirement and doesn't miss a beat.
Lemieux and Jagr were together again.
He shoots and scores!
Yes, it took place back in 2000, but there isn't a single goal from this decade that is more memorable.
As this decade comes to a close, we look at this list and remember exactly how many amazing moments this franchise has given us over the past ten years.
Some teams never accomplish the things that Pittsburgh Penguins fans have come to expect.
No one knows what will happen in the next decade but, looking at the track record of this team, it will likely be memorable.
Go Pens.