The 20 Most Memorable Penguin Goals of the Decade: Part One

As we all know, this has been an up-and-down decade for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Things looked okay at the beginning.
We saw a line-up that boasted Jaromir Jagr, Alexei Kovalev, Martin Straka and Mario Lemieux reach the 2001 Eastern Conference Final.
And things turned out pretty well in the end.
In 2009 we watched Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal and Marc-Andre Fleury raise the Stanley Cup.
In between we experienced a painful fall to the bottom of the standings and a dramatic rise back up them.
To end the decade, we've put together a list of the 20 most memorable Penguin goals of the decade.
They're not necessarily the best goals or the most important goals.
These are 20 goals that you will remember when you sit back and think of the 2000s.
Chances are there is at least one goal here that you will be telling your grandchildren about.
In fact, these are the kinds of goals that the players themselves may be telling their grandchildren about.
The 2000s were a shaky decade for the Pens, but adversity and drama creates memories.
Here we go!
20. Bill Guerin: Just In Time
The most recent goal on this list.
Guerin takes a pass from Malkin and scores when it looked like the game was over.
The Penguins would go on to win in overtime.
What a player.
19. Jarko Ruutu: Thanksgiving Shootout Winner
Some called it the turning point of the 2007-2008 season.
The struggling Pens walked into Ottawa and defeated the reigning Eastern Conference Champions in a shootout.
18. Alexsey Morozov: Penguin Pride
It was a terrible season and the goal was nothing special, but when Alexsey Morozov held up the Penguin logo on his chest after scoring the game winner, it was quite the moment.
17. Gary Roberts: Senator Killer
A signature Gary Roberts performance.
He owned that game and this goal set the tone for the Penguins playoff run in 2008.
16. Sidney Crosby: Nicklas Backstrom
We're not sure what was sweeter: Watching the Caps fall to the ice after the goal was scored, listening to all the Pens fans in Washington cheer, realizing that it was Backstrom who put the puck in the Washington net or hearing Sidney Crosby laugh about the whole thing.
15. Ryan Malone: An Impossible Play
Ovechkin scores this goal and it's on highlight reels for 20 years.
14. Sidney Crosby: Sliding and Scoring
A great feed from Recchi.
A great deflection by Crosby.
A great goal that demonstrated once again how Sidney Crosby doesn't quit.
13. Sidney Crosby: Game Winner in Ottawa
Another great feed from Recchi.
The only game the Penguins win that playoff, but the first playoff victory in years.
12. Mario Lemieux: Off the Faceoff
A great goal that had the added bonus of costing Mark Madden some cash.
Madden said earlier that day that he would donate $6,600 to the Mario Lemieux Foundation if Mario ever scored off the faceoff.
Mario accepted the challenge.
11. Evgeni Malkin: Shades of Mario
Marty Brodeur may have set the shutout record against the Pens, but Malkin made the Devils look silly during his rookie year.
10. Ric Jackman: Finally A Win!
Thanks to J.J. for the upload!
The Penguins snapped an 18-game winless streak against the Coyotes in overtime.
In a terrible season, this was our Stanley Cup.
Story [here] from the Coyotes website.
9. Ruslan Fedotenko: Overtime Winner in Detroit
It showed the Penguins were not afraid.
It showed the Penguins could compete with the Red Wings.
On a night that featured "the artistry continues" and Osgood's performance being called "splendid" the Doc Emerick quote of the night ended up being "Stunned is Osgood! Stunned is Babcock!"
8. Darius Kasparaitis: Unlikely Hero
Eliminating the Sabres in game seven overtime.
What a celebration.
7. Tyler Kennedy: Tic-Tac-Toe
The game that changed the script.
It's tough to find a prettier passing play.
6. Evgeni Malkin: "A whirling, sapient, no look, backhand, elevated ender"
"World Class!"
"Oh My Word!"
Malkin's hat trick goal against the Canes is best described by shock and awe.
We'll have the top five in part two.
Go Pens.