That’s Staal, Folks. PENS WIN.




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At the start of the third, the Pens were entering their sixth period of a back-to-back situation.
On a road trip.
And they were facing a 2-goal deficit.
This is Fail Country.
The Oilers’ Chernobyl in the third period just can’t happen.

Nowhere. No how.

As Pens fans, we’ll definitely chalk this up to the Pens refusing to lie down.
Jordan Staal has arguably been the Pens’ best non-87 player for the last couple weeks.
So, the Pens sweep Alberta.
Now they head to British Columbia.
Wonder if referee Auger will follow the Pens to Vancouver.
Could be an interesting night.
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Pens 10th shot: Fedotenko at 13:34 mark of 2nd period. [ SOURCE ]
MantleNotMouse beats laclips by 36 seconds.





Only other person to have Feds in the second period.


An Easter Egg in this contest was that we were also going to give a shirt to someone who guessed the time right on the money
Off by one second. We ain’t running a charity here. No dice.
pmphil33 submitted two entries.  This was his first entry, thus the only one that we took into account.
Shitload of entries in the contest.  Good stuff.
The Pens’ anemic first period wiped out virtually everyone.


Great pics again from Ricky H.
Also, great pics from Sal and Erin D., who took the Pens Vacation Package.
Fact: Statue asked to borrow 10 bucks.
An already-late game got pushed further back when they did an Olympic Flame ceremony.
That was the most exciting thing to happen prior to the clock switching to 10:00 on the East coast.
The Pens shot total refused to tick up.
Then Jordan Staal took a high-sticking penalty.
But the PK holds shit down. Again. Road PK is incredible.
Some defenseman named smee was running around.
Malkin loses an edge and takes out Auger.
Had to watch out for Auger trying to get back at Malkin for that.
Wish something else happened in the first.
Malkin takes a penalty late. Auger sends Adams to the box with him.

Auger might not even have a soul.
Being down on a 5-on-3 to start the period is never a good thing.
The PK is strong as balls, but it can only do so much.
MAF makes an unreal first save, but then Jari Kurri scored.
To describe the rest of the period as sluggish would be an understatement.
Keeping the eyes open was no easy chore.
Pens had like no shots at one point.
Then Malkin rattled off a bunch. Halfway through the period, Rupp boarded Auger’s mom.
Oilers capitalized with a powerplay goal. 2-0.
It was looking like one of those games.
Pens couldn’t solve the Dubnyk.
The Oilers were in MAF’s sac.


And then, as it looked like the Oilers were about to roll ahead late in the period, MAF made a huge save on Robert Nilsson.
Nilsson made no attempt to stop and bowled over MAF. And MAF got pissed and went after him.
Even though this was late in the period, it woke everyone up. Not a good move by Nilsson.
Less than a minute in Penner breaks away and bears down on Fleury.
MAF comes up with a brilliant flopping pokecheck that made Dominik Hasek sit up straight and touch his nuts.
Dubnyk makes a nice save on Crosby going the other way.
The Oilers still weren’t letting the Pens do much.
Kennedy turns it over when he tries to make a no-look behind-the-back pass.
Oilers go 2-on-1. Fleury shuts it down. Big saves galore.
Pens come back with some pressure, but Dubnyk was seeing planets.
The team’s cowbell this season has been the third line.
Cooke works hard to keep a puck alive in the zone. Staal dishes to Kennedy. Sick wrister. 2-1.
Cue Dubnyk’s demise.
Malkin comes back with an unreal shift and draws a hooking call off Ryan Stone.
Someone on LGP probably still believes Ryan Stone is the future of the NHL.
The powerplay is whatev until Dubnyk gives up an awful rebound to Staal. Cooke shovels home the trash.


For a second, it looked like Pubenyk robbed Cooke.
The seed of doubt had clearly been planted into the Oilers’ mind.
They weren’t the same team after that and were just going through the motions.
Dupuis crushes Smid ,who does his best Mike Green impression and turns it over to Staal.
Staal castrates Cogliano and throws it at the net. Dupuis is there for the puck to riccochet off of.
The presence of the blonde girl takes this to another level.
You could feel all your weeks of trade proposals and powerplay coaching dissolving before your eyes.
It wasn’t fair. But it was awesome.
The crowd tries to rally the home team with a “Let’s Go Oilers” chant.
Resistance was futile.
The Pens didn’t even need Fleury to hold a fort since they were busy pillaging and looting in the Oilers’ own zone.
Hope your cars start in the parking lot, jokes.


picture 24


  • Another weird crowd. Vancouver’s gonna be rocking on Saturday.
  • Letang played unreal.
  • Gonch is playing like a man possessed.
  • Did this game remind anyone of that game in 07-08 when the Pens came from behind in Edmonton? Sykora had a goal.
  • New blog format coming this weekend. HINT: We’re slashing some ads.
On a more somber note…
From Dan S.:
My sister and her family could really use you and your reader’s help. Her husband suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm late Sunday night. They live near Washington DC but bleed black and gold through and through. They were getting ready to take their 2 young children into enemy territory for their first live Pens game against the Capitals. Now they cannot use the tickets, and could really use the money to pay for their impending medical and other expenses.

The tickets are listed on e-bay and I’d appreciate if you could pass along the link along with this story to your readers.

If you’re not able to pass this along, I understand, but if you can help, I’m sure that it would mean a lot to her and her family.

Go Pens!

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