Thank You, Jimmy Howard. PENS LOSE.
You have to admit it was cute.
Watching the Red Wings scurrying around on their home ice, their playoff lives on the line.
In front of a crowd that just does not know what to expect from their team anymore.
Meanwhile, the Pens went into the Joe and pretty much looked at it as an experiment.
Minus Geno, Bylsma puts Poni on Talbot's line. That was the red flag.
The Pens need Talbot to come around in time for the playoffs, and Bylsma picked this game to kick him in the ass.
But it was a no go.
It just wasn't meant to be.
The defending Second Best Team In The NHL™ just wouldn't be denied.
Henrik Zetterberg, in all his 29 years of age, put his shaky team on his back.
All the while taking pride in stifling a 22-year-old.
Detroit blogs and even Detroit newspapers are only talking about one thing this morning.
All we can say is thank christ Jimmy Howard came to Sid's rescue.
Todd Bertuzzi looked like he was on another neck-breaking crusade.
At least he doesn't attack people from behind anymore.
But Howard saved Crosby's lunch. Thank you, Jimmy.
Still, this has everyone in Detroit beating off about it for some reason.
This is something Howard had to do.
He's hoping Wings fans remember this when he crushes their hopes in the coming weeks.
And the fans know it's coming. That's the best part.
Moving right along.
Read in a game recap somewhere the Pens were 5 points away.
Boston and Atlanta are 8 and 9 seeds.
They play tonight, canceling out a point in the equation somewhere.
Right away, Crosby sucks apparently.
Steve eyeinjury and Babcock didn't think so a little over a month ago.
The Wings get the first PP when Feds gets the stick into a guy named "Meech."
Meech gets away with holding Feds' stick.
A lot of shit happened in those next two minutes.
To the injured eye, it looked like the Wings were offside, but they weren't.
And then Lidstrom found himself in a familiar position.
Pretty much a carbon copy of him letting his team down late in Game 7. Another MAF save.
A great save on Flippulplpla closed out the PK.
After the kill, Crosby gets blatantly held.
Not sure where Crosby got the reputation for crying.
That was probably the most obvious non-call we've ever seen against Sid.
Franzen takes a dive on the near boards.
Here's a re-creation of the event:
Franzen's mediocrity wasn't done. He works and draws a penalty on Gonchar.
Then he intentionally puts his stick behind Gonch's knee to trip him.
And he is for some reason incredulous at the call. Wow.
The ensuing 4-on-4 was boring.
Talbot carried the puck into the Wings zone. Were there any boos?
Hard to tell. A Wings fan in attendance may have sneezed or something.
Talbot should have garnered the loudest boos. Just doesn't make sense.
Gonchar capped off a miserable first period with another penalty.
But the Pens kill it again.
The Wings beat the Pens to the scoreboard when Flippulllpaapa curled, drug, and beat MAF.
Roughly 10 months too late. 1-0.
We lost our train of thought after we saw Chris Osgood trying to kiss the Wings' trainer.
The rest of the game is pretty much a blur.
Zetterberg scored. 2-0.
But the Pens stayed hungry.
Evidenced by how they scored. 2-1.

Zetterberg ended lives with another goal to start the third. 3-1.
In your mouth all night.
Numerous blogs saying this was one of Z's best games of the season. Kind of sad.
Pens kept coming, but no dice. Game.
The defending Second Best Team In The NHL™ lives to fight another day.
Wish we could say "See you in June."
Now the ultimate test awaits: Connecting Ted Leonsis to Freemasonry.