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Tell Us This Doesn’t Look Like Chris Kunitz

From reader Drew N.

Look at this screenshot from [CNN.COM], tell me it doesn’t look like the Iranian Chris Kunitz.
Yea that is a win. This is what west coast trips do to everyone.
It is there if you want it to be. That was done on a moving bus so suck it.
After the jump a message for the chief of pants.
You’ll notice Sid’s save won’t get much play on major hockey blogs because they focus on negative plays.
Lets rehash the Chief’s statement from [Abel To Joke] a blog on [Paul Kukla’s Red Wings Korner]

“…..No one here has ever doubted Rosby’s ability.  He’s a phenomenal talent, an amazing player.  He’s also a little bitch.  A whiner who disgraces the C worn by actual leaders. “

We sent a little reminder to the Chief.



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