Jesse and the Rippers. PENS LOSE.


You're not alone, kid.

Oof.  Making a journalist repeat a question.
What a kick in the sac.
Orpik is starting to say some things trying to kick the team in the ass.
And the media loves it.  Can't blame them.
They're tired of hearing Crosby's cookie-cutter stuff.
No lie — We were somewhere this weekend watching the Pens game and overhear a couple of Pens fans talking.
"Pens would be so much better if they took that money they were giving Gonch and Malkin and spent it somewhere else."
Sadly there are people out there that think that.
Thankfully, games like last night will live in our evidence locker.
To the Pens defense, Rick Tocchet clearly spent the last five months putting together the gameplan for this game specifically. Either that, or he had the under.  Regardless, there was something else at work. Tocchet calls a timeout with 12 seconds left in a 2-0 game? Yeah, that's not shady.
And how about the surprise appearance of Adam Oates as the Lightning assistant coach?
How come no one told us about this?  Unbeliveable.
We'd talk about how scary a game like this is when the playoffs are quickly approaching.
But sitting around worrying about it doesn't do anyone any good.

In other news, Stephen takes home the Burrito Gold:
And thus ends the Stephen B. Qdoba saga.  It was a fun ride.
But we'll still be watching everything James Baetke does on the Internet.
In the recap, a final e-mail from Stephen B.

Kevin P.
Matt S.
Mike 8120
Shawn and Sara W.

Rupp and Downie were looking like they wanted to go off the opening faceoff.
But Downie wimps out.
Letang showed throughout the entire first period the extra money in his wallet wouldn't weigh him down.
He logged like 18 minutes in the first.
Confidence has always been a question mark with Letang.
Maybe the cayshe changes things.
MAF in this position reminds us of the high-ankle sprain.
He had a chance early on.  Probably missed the net.
Then St. Louis came back with a chance.  Big save.
Eric Bishoff jobs Feds from behind.  That could've been bad.
It brought a 5-minute all-you-can-eat PP for the Pens.
Too bad anus was on the menu.  Killed.
Poni went to the box for something.
FSN didn't show the replay.
But it was killed anyway.  St. Louis kills himself on a deflection in front.
Then Leopold was heading the box.
John Stamos makes an awkward music video as the series jumps the shark.  1-0.
Leopold hit the post as the period ended.
The Pens' frustrations mounted, as the villain Downie scored.  2-0.

Pens killed another penalty.
Then got a PP when Mike Smith was being a dick.  Killed.
Nice mask.
Probably made by a Twilight Saga fan.
The back half of the second period…
that feeling started to sink in…
that this game was gonna be shit.
Did Steigy call out the fans for booing? Saying it makes being on the powerplay tougher?
State of the Burrito Address from Stephen B.
Big save somewhere.
Probably the most bizarre period of the season.
Tampa Bay brought in the trap out of nowhere.  Pens had no clue what was going on.
By then…

It's already over