Talbot “SHHHH” T-Shirt Contest

Let’s try this again.
We’re giving away four (4) Talbot “Shhh” T-shirts.


1. Get yourself a Twitter account.

2. Guess who will score the next PP goal for the Pens.
In your Tweet, include the goal scorer, primary assist, and secondary assist.
3. Tiebreaker: Include period and minute-mark of goal.
Ex: Goal scored at 14:33 is the 14-minute mark.

4. Place #tpbpp in your Tweet.




Follow the template above EXACTLY when putting in your goal scorer.
Because we will be searching the trend for “G: Crosby” for example.
(No need to put @TPBadam or @TPBderek in your Tweet)
*If you’re new to Twitter and don’t know what’s going on,
just follow the directions laid out above.
After clicking “Update”,
you will see the Tweet you just typed pop up on your shit.
Just click #tpbpp in that Tweet to see if your entry was submitted.



1) Time of your submission on Twitter DOES NOT matter.
Just get it in before the puck drops in Calgary tonight.
2) Primary and Secondary assists are not necessary.
We’ll see who picked the correct goal scorer and start whittling down from there.
So it won’t hurt to put guesses for the assists in there.
3) Tiebreaker: People closest to the minute mark wins.
Example: Joke#1 guesses the 14-minute mark.
Joke#2 guesses the 15-minute mark.
Goal scored at 14:33. Joke #2 wins.
If the Pens score at 14:30, kill yourself.
4) Good luck trying to cheat.  Once the puck drops, we’re screenshotting the Tweets.  We’ll find the winner(s), then cross-reference the screenshots.  So don’t think you’re gonna be slick and do 20 entries then delete all but your best one when the Pens score.   So load up the ballot box if you want to be a dick.  You won’t win.
The funniest thing is we made all these rules…
thinking the PP will actually score tonight.
Go Pens.



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